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Bring it back to centre

How to harness the advantage of a central integration hub
A central pylon connects many apps
As a systems admin, the escalating complexity of integrating and synchronising more and more apps across your systems landscape can feel like you're holding everything together with superglue, cable ties and those little twisty things that stop your cereal going chewy.
Your Atlassian and third-party apps are integrated through a mix of marketplace add-ons, native integrations and bespoke solutions that make it harder than it needs to be to deliver the integrations your colleagues are seeking.
When building out business requirements, how frustrating is it to juggle between numerous tools, to deal with unnecessarily high costs, and invest an inordinate amount of time in mastering disparate UIs?
The decentralised approach to integrating apps brings complexity, inefficiency, and a continuous learning curve.
Imagine a world where you can use one central hub for all of your integrations. No more searching for the right integration tool to connect one app to another app. No more searching for a different integration tool for a different integration problem. No more searching for work-arounds. No more integration headaches. Are you liking this new world?

Welcome to the world of ScriptRunner Connect!

ScriptRunner Connect is a code-first integration platform that enables technical users to script, collaborate and connect apps within an assisted coding environment to solve complex integration challenges.
Here are some of the advantages of a single, central hub to manage all of your apps:

Take back your time

Every tool that you add into your integration house of cards comes with a unique user interface, each creating a new learning curve. Context switching and re-familiarising yourself with UI after UI consumes valuable time and resources. This can be especially exhausting if you find that a tool you've just mastered isn't fit for purpose for the latest request from the sales analytics team.
Instead, choose a central hub for a unified experience for yourself and others on your team.
As an added bonus, you can expect support from our team of in-house developers with tailored training to level up your skills and expertise.
A messy cable is tidied up around the ScriptRunner Connect logo

Take back your budget

A decentralised approach scatters across systems, adding layers of complexity: a new tool here, a plugin there, and this introduces unnecessary costs.
Reclaim your budget by consolidating apps into one platform with scripting functionality for complex integrations built-in. Craft comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet your unique admin needs and at a fraction of the cost.
Game changer alert… pricing is based on the number of script invocations and connectors, rather than the number of users, which ensures that your cost remains proportional to your usage. This gives cost-effectiveness from day one, plus a cost-efficient and transparent way to scale when your requirements grow.
The ScriptRunner Connect logo connects four apps

Secure and reliable

Decentralised solutions make system-wide updates a cumbersome task. Updating each integration app individually is time-consuming and prone to errors. With a central hub, you can update once, and push changes effortlessly across your entire systems landscape.
ScriptRunner Connect is housed within an ISO 27001-certified infrastructure to put your infosec colleagues further at ease.
The ScriptRunner Connect logo

Full scripting functionality

As a systems admin, your toolkit demands versatility.
The assisted coding environment, built with technical users in mind, offers a suite of features, including:
  • Managed Connectors to handle authentication processes
  • Managed APIs that facilitate working with third-party APIs and reduce the number of lines of code
  • Detailed scripting templates for common use cases to help get you started quickly and easily
  • Ability to share integrations to support collaboration between colleagues and/or clients
Whether enhancing workflows, implementing complex logic, or collaborating with colleagues, the power of scripting can help you tailor solutions to your unique needs.
An arrow finds a way out of a maze

Don’t just take our word for it...

Kyle Moseley, CEO of Blue Ridge Consultants
Using ScriptRunner Connect, we found we could easily authenticate with and manage multiple Google Calendars. We then used the Managed API library to interact with Google Calendars themselves, which allowed us to spend more time testing our process instead of learning the specifics of the Google Calendar API calls.
Kyle Moseley
CEO of Blue Ridge Consultants
Christopher Wilkie, Managing Director of CHH Group
For us, the app has been hugely beneficial streamlining a workflow that has been causing friction in our business for a long time.
Christopher Wilkie
Managing Director of CHH Group

Choose a simpler and more efficient (admin) life!

Bring it back to centre. Say goodbye to scattered integration points, climbing costs, and the need to learn multiple UIs. Choose a central hub for all of your integration challenges. Simplify, consolidate, and thrive in your role.