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ScriptRunner for Jira Behaviours

Our most popular feature is now available for Cloud users.
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Complete your ScriptRunner setup

The number one most-requested feature for ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud is here. Find out what achievements can be unlocked when you download the app now, completely free of charge.

What is Behaviours?

Ever wanted to conditionally change how fields behave in Jira? Set rules to show or hide a field based on another field’s input? This responsive, logic-driven customisation has been a longtime favourite feature of Data Center and Server users of ScriptRunner for Jira, and it has now been introduced for Jira Cloud.
Behaviours represents a powerful step forwards in the mission to accurately align your tools with your organisation's processes. Here are some of the things that administrators can create and customise, and some ideas to get you started with the feature as soon as it becomes available in your instance.

Get started with these five fields

The current version of Behaviours gives you the ability to define Behaviours for five of the most popular system fields in Jira, with more being developed for future versions.
• Priority
• Summary
• Assignee
• Labels
• Description
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What can these fields do?

Hide and/or show fields

As straightforward as it sounds! If someone raises an Issue with the priority of Highest, you may want to bypass the collection of certain information in the name of speed; you can now make that happen automatically for your users.
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Change field names

A nifty little way to rename fields for your users to give a better experience across different ticket types. Make Jira truly yours.
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Change field descriptions

You can change the field description (also known as “helper text”) to guide users on the information that they may need to provide, depending on their role, or the issue type, for example. Certain user types may need more guidance than others, or be able to provide different information to other user types. You can now reflect that right where it matters.
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Set default field values

It is a truth universally acknowledged that (good) templates save time and reduce errors. You can responsively set up default field values to show prompts for your colleagues. Team leads can make sure that the right information is collected by providing a strong starting point using these “templates” where possible.
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Security and stability, as standard

We're proud to have achieved these milestones (so far!) around data security, privacy and stability:

Do I have to pay extra for Behaviours?

No! If you already have a ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud license, you can install Behaviours for free.

Ready for Behaviours?

Ready to start customising Jira Cloud fields like never before? Grab the app on Atlassian Marketplace!

Want to know how you can get involved with shaping the future of ScriptRunner?

Request a feature, take part in paid research, or share a story or use case.
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