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ScriptRunner for Confluence

Market-leading admin solution for managing Confluence at scale.

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Automate work, keep your instance tidy, and extend Confluence capabilities

Gain the power and flexibility to make Confluence fit the complex processes of your organisation.
Work faster and smarter by automating time-consuming admin tasks, managing content in bulk, and extending Confluence’s functionality with improved user experience and seamless integration with other software.
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ScriptRunner's powerful functionality helps you reduce the number of apps in your instance.
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Work more efficiently by accessing a vast array of easy-to-use, code-free features that solve most common admin needs.
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Create advanced processes, macros and automations tailored to your business by writing Groovy scripts.
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Avoid wasting resources writing and maintaining your own plugins.

Reviews from Atlassian Marketplace

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Everyone knows what is ScriptRunner, However, I'd like to mention the excellent, very fast and professional response to my service request (and not for the first time :) ) Helmi from Adapatavist helped me with end-to-end solution which I couldn't find on the web. Great product, excellent service!! Thank you!!!
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ofer carmeli on 06.07.2023
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To be honest, I'm not a developer, so why buy Scriptrunner? In fact, it comes with plenty of very useful features but above all usable by anyone. Of course, most functions require code, that's where my limits stop. But I can always ask the Adapavist team for help to generate a small script that we need, and this with the best effort without guarantee. Our organization is constantly renewing itself and sometimes we have to part with plugins that are no longer aligned with the wiki offering. Scriptrunner help a lot in this case. It is a real Swiss army knife for novice and pro. Maybe a script portal with more many more examples will be really nice.
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Michael Regelin on 30.03.2023
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This app is a game changer in daily routines automation and various operations.
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Andrii Maliuta on 11.03.2023
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For JIRA and Confluence this tool is an absolute must. Swiss knife between plugins. When in doubt, you can always rely on their support team - they get back to you promptly, help you with your case a provide with usefull practical examples for another things to do with Scriptrunner
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Michal Rosi on 22.03.2022
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Great add-on, comes with very handy macro's and scripts/jobs and allows you to add custom scripts/jobs/event listeners. Very useful as Confluence admin and space admin. And very good support team.
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Patrick Vanhoof on 10.11.2021
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Already as a business we rely on the amazing functionality SR for Jira brings and when recently we had a specific problem to solve in our DC Confluence instance I looked to what SR could do to help. We had 6000 + pages of content that had different HTML macros with a URL in each that needed to be changed. With only a trial of SR for Confluence the support team introduced me to the very recently added in built script : 'Update Macro' and with some invaluable help and support with the code for the macro those pages are now updated. This would have taken many days of tedious manual work otherwise and I achieved it in approx 3 hours as an automated process. Fantastic support for a fantastic product. BTW I have now purchased a full license and look forward to what we can achieve not only within Confluence with SR but also the doors it opens up to Jira via SR. In short, like SR for Jira an essential App for administration and enhanced functionality with superb support!
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Gordon Rutherford on 12.07.2021
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Very good and quick support when needed, thanks !!
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Jonathan Claveau on 08.04.2021
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No more tedious admin tasks!
Automate any time-consuming or repetitive action by running scripts on schedule, on-demand, or triggered by events.
• Troubleshooting becomes easier when you can assume the identity of another user or access important log info with one click.
• Select content based on your very specific criteria and action it automatically.
• Trigger content creation from templates - eg generating a new Jira project when a Confluence space is created.
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Content management

The easy way to keep Confluence tidy.
Don’t let your growing instance become a jungle of stale, unstructured content where users get easily lost.
• Identify the content you need to rework or delete using advanced searches; analyse it, then action it automatically.
• Save time by deleting trash, comments, attachments or old page versions in bulk, or remove all inactive users in one swoop.
• Manage access at scale by setting restrictions, hiding page sections or controlling watch capabilities for entire groups.
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Go beyond out-of-the box functionality
Create unique enhancements to improve user engagement, content navigation, and links with other business-critical systems.
• Give users access to powerful macros.
• Integrate with external systems like Salesforce or Xero using the RestAPI.
• Control and modify the UI to display custom messages or add new buttons which link to other sites.
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Safely delegate control to Space Admins
ScriptRunner offers you the option to give Space Admins access to no-code features that are safe to use. They can mass-manage content inside their own spaces so you can free up precious time in your workday.
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Security and stability, as standard

We're proud to have achieved these milestones (so far!) around data security, privacy and stability:

"One of the things I really like about ScriptRunner is its focus on administration and adding macro functionality - system, space and user."

Steve Hadfield

Sample pricing

The intervals shown below are not exhaustive and are intended to give an indication of the price for your organisation and how ScriptRunner scales for growing teams.To see an exhaustive breakdown of pricing by user tier, please click through to the Atlassian marketplace.
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Team sizePrice
100USD 2.50 per user
250USD 1.50 per user
1,000USD 0.50 per user
2,500USD 0.45 per user
5,000USD 0.40 per user
7,500USD 0.35 per user
10,000USD 0.30 per user
15,000USD 0.25 per user
20,000USD 0.20 per user
25,000USD 0.10 per user
30,000USD 0.05 per user
35,000USD 0.03 per user
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Data Center
Team sizePrice
500Yearly only
1,000Yearly only
2,000Yearly only
5,000Yearly only
10,000Yearly only
15,000Yearly only
20,000Yearly only
25,000Yearly only
30,000Yearly only
35,000Yearly only
40,000Yearly only
40,001+Yearly only
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Team sizePrice
10Yearly only
25Yearly only
50Yearly only
100Yearly only
250Yearly only
1,000Yearly only
2,500Yearly only
5,000Yearly only
7,500Yearly only
10,000Yearly only
10,001+Yearly only
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Case study

See how PAYBACK turned automation into innovation with the help of ScriptRunner!
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Data Center demo

Watch this short 20 minute demo for ScriptRunner for Confluence Data Center and Server.
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Try it free

Get your full-feature trial from the Atlassian Marketplace today to start automating, customising, and extending Jira to truly fit your organisation.

Not confident with scripting?

There are a number of features in ScriptRunner which don't require any scripting at all, but to help you take your automation to the next level, we have a library of free script snippets, plus training videos, tutorials, and webinars!
Check out all of our scripting resources and services.
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Want to know how you can get involved with shaping the future of ScriptRunner?

Request a feature, take part in paid research, or share a story or use case.
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Migrating from Server?

Keep the automations, customisations and hands-off housekeeping that you’ve come to rely on.
We’re ready when you are. Whether you’re headed to the cloud or keeping things local with Data Center hosting, we offer a well-established version of ScriptRunner for Confluence for both, each including a 30-day free evaluation period.
Head to this section of our website, which contains FAQs, webinar recordings and more to help you understand our recommended approach to migration and the similarities and differences between our Cloud and Data Center products.
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