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Case studies

Find out how customers across the globe, and in a variety of industries, use ScriptRunner for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket.
A Confluence admin considers their Confluence page
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Smarter Server to Cloud Confluence migration

Smartmatic share how they used ScriptRunner for Confluence to ease their macro migration from Server to Cloud.
by Nitin Chand
on 4th Mar. 2024
A car in front of a kanban board
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Automating automotive excellence via

See how CHH Group, local independent car hire specialists, kept their boards up to date using DVLA data synced through ScriptRunner Connect.
by Rich Birks
on 13th Nov. 2023
A person points at the ScriptRunner Connect logo which connects to several software screens
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Facilitating embedded Atlassian consultancy with ScriptRunner Connect

Learn how a small team of Atlassian consultants provide an in-house feel by syncing calendars with their clients using ScriptRunner Connect.
A woman looks at a set of traffic lights
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Advanced Confluence and Jira automation in a regulated industry

When a NASDAQ-listed pharmaceutical contract research organisation sought a solution to the headache of regulatory compliance, they discovered Jira, Confluence, and the power of ScriptRunner.
The Firespring office lobby
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Migrations from Jira Server to Cloud are a hot topic within the Atlassian community. In this case study, non-profit focused marketing agency Firespring share their journey to Cloud.
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GAIN Capital

Learn how GAIN Capital have standardised and controled their Bitbucket operation using ScriptRunner.