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Got questions about scripting in ScriptRunner? Looking for help, resources, inspiration? You're in the right place!
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What languages does ScriptRunner use?

ScriptRunner apps for Atlassian Data Center use Groovy. ScriptRunner apps for Atlassian Cloud use a combination of Groovy and Typescript.
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Getting a hand with scripting

Depending on where you're at in your career, your technical comfort level or just how much time you have available right now, we've got different options for getting help with scripting.
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I want to learn
Check out our beginner and intermediate video training courses. You'll learn the basics of Groovy and the APIs you need to get started with customisation and automation using ScriptRunner.
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I don't want to write from scratch
Our library of free script snippets is the place to start if you want to write your own customisation but you'd rather not start with an empty screen!
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I want someone else to write my script(s)
If you don't have the time or capacity to write scripts in-house, then check out the on-demand scripting service from Adaptavist (also part of The Adaptavist Group). They'll help you get your Atlassian customisation and automation initiatives live, and put time back in your day.
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