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Get Confluence working the way you want

Harness the power to build custom scripts, automations and custom macros to solve any Confluence need
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Need a custom solution?

Avoid the hassle of building a Forge app
ScriptRunner for Confluence is an admin-only app that allows you to interact directly with the Confluence REST API to build solutions for any problem using Groovy scripting.
Run custom scripts, create custom macros, or build automations triggered by Confluence events or set to run on schedule.
You can write, run and save your code directly within the Confluence interface, so there's no need to switch between tools.

Create custom macros

Can't find a macro you need on Cloud? Build your own!
Build custom macros to automatically display a page's metadata, render content from other apps and databases, or do anything else you need.
Control user access to the custom macro with enable or disable functionality.

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Whip up simple to advanced automations

Create triggered automations from 40 different Confluence events (e.g. page created, page updated) with the Listeners feature.
Or schedule automations like clean-up jobs to run at regular intervals with the Jobs feature.
You can even search using Confluence Query Language (CQL) to pinpoint the exact content you wish to execute your scripts on.
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Run custom scripts

Run one-off scripts using Groovy for whatever use case you can code with the Script Console.
Whether you need to bulk find and replace URLs or delete inactive users, you can run your ad-hoc tasks this way.
A large illustrated arrow clicks through the steps to run a custom script using the Script Console on the ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud interface.
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This app is a game changer in daily routines automation
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Join thousands of other organisations who are making Confluence work the way they want

Try the #1 custom scripting app for Confluence

It's easier than you think to create with ScriptRunner

Autocompletions, reduced context switching and starter scripts get you where you need to be, faster.
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Write and run code directly within the Confluence interface
No need to switch between tools. Do everything within Confluence in the user friendly code-editor.
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Autocompletion for the Confluence API and Groovy
ScriptRunner's smart code editor autocompletes as you type so you don’t have to waste time looking up API documentation.
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Access a library of free example code
Our code library means you don’t have to write scripts from scratch. If you have a use case, the script may already be available for you to copy and paste.
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Interact with the Confluence REST API
Make API calls within your scripts for maximum flexibility and power.
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Must have
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The security of your data is our priority

We take our responsibility seriously as a technology provider when it comes to data security, privacy and stability. We're ISO 20071 accredited across the entire ScriptRunner suite, denoting excellence in data security, with a SOC 2 Type 2 audit report available.
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