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ScriptRunner Connect

The ultimate Atlassian integration tool: simplify and consolidate the most complex Atlassian and third-party integrations into one central hub.
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The solution to all your Atlassian integration challenges

Welcome to ScriptRunner's new integration tool: ScriptRunner Connect.
Our new app lets you easily integrate your business processes across multiple Atlassian and third-party systems.
Created to help you and your teams overcome the most complex integration challenges, ScriptRunner Connect's assisted coding environment and connectors provide the flexibility to script all your Atlassian-to-Atlassian and Atlassian to third-party integrations in one place. You no longer need a range of unique tools for all your different integrations!
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Power up your integrations with ScriptRunner Connect


ScriptRunner Connect facilitates the management of multiple client solutions for both Atlassian Partners and independent software consultants.
It allows you to consolidate and manage all of your client solutions and billing under a single account, while retaining the flexibility of multiple price plans for clients. The app also lets you share and collaborate on your work with colleagues and clients directly.
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Engineers and developers

We've built a tool that speaks your language.

Using JavaScript/TypeScript, one of today’s leading programming languages, ScriptRunner Connect lets you go beyond the limitations of no-code interfaces and work directly with APIs to build solutions to your precise specifications.
Environments allow you to develop and test your work in a non-production environment before deploying to production. At the same time, the package manager lets you import all the NPM packages you need.
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System admins

System admins familiar with ScriptRunner will click with ScriptRunner Connect. ScriptRunner Connect is to Atlassian integration what ScriptRunner is to Atlassian automation. It lets you implement integrations across your systems landscape quickly and easily.
Managed connectors make it straightforward to connect to Atlassian and popular third-party tools, while the generic HTTP connector lets you hook up any third-party tool with a public API, including bespoke ERPs and apps. A library of templates enables you to get started quickly with popular use cases, while the Managed API helps you discover and use APIs without relying on external docs.
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Ready for a tool that isn't afraid of complex?

You don't need to dumb down your integrations. Get the meaningful communication between your tools that you wanted in the first place.
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Using ScriptRunner Connect, we found we could easily authenticate with and manage multiple Google Calendars. We then used the Managed API library to interact with Google Calendars themselves, which allowed us to spend more time testing our process instead of learning the specifics of the Google Calendar API calls.
Kyle Moseley
CEO of Blue Ridge Consultants
Kyle's team of Atlassian consultants deliver outstanding service by using ScriptRunner Connect
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Code-based and proud of it

No more clunky UIs, ScriptRunner Connect uses JavaScript/TypeScript and is a fully code-based integrations app, meaning you can solve anything that can be expressed in code!
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One central managed platform

Consolidate all your integrations into a single app with fully managed infrastructure - hosting, security, scaling, and all your connections are organised for you so you can focus on building solutions, not infrastructure.
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ScriptRunner prestige

Built by the creators of ScriptRunner, you can expect best-in-class support and engineering.

Easily overcome the most complex integration challenges

Whether you’re looking to consolidate Atlassian-to-Atlassian or Atlassian-to-third-party apps, ScriptRunner Connect equips Atlassian consultants and system admins with the tools they need to solve the most complex integration challenges.

ScriptRunner Connect enables you and your teams to work faster and smarter by bringing your entire Atlassian and third-party ecosystem tools together: nothing is out of reach!
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No need for multiple integration tools: use ScriptRunner Connect for everything!

Feeling overwhelmed by your vast tool sprawl? The power of ScriptRunner Connect means you can keep the tools you love in one, unified workspace. No more need to rely on tools that focus on specific integrations, work more efficiently and use ScriptRunner Connect for everything!
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Done with "simple" integration solutions?

Complex doesn't have to mean hard. Let us prove it.
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20 managed connectors and counting...

A connector is a link between ScriptRunner Connect and a third-party service that ScriptRunner Connect creates and manages on your behalf. Connect to popular services from Atlassian, Microsoft, Google and more.
Here's the full list of managed connectors:
  • Bitbucket Cloud
  • Bitbucket On-Premise
  • Confluence Cloud
  • Confluence On-Premise
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Sheets
  • Jira Cloud
  • Jira On-Premise
  • Jira Service Management Cloud
  • Jira Service Management Cloud Assets
  • Microsoft
  • Service Now
  • Slack
  • Tempo Cloud
  • Trello
  • Zoom
We're always working to add new connectors, and remember you can use the ScriptRunner Connect generic connector to connect to any API.

Want to talk to us about ScriptRunner Connect?

Got questions? Want a demo? Reach out!

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