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ScriptRunner for Jira

Unlock the true power of Jira with the only admin app you’ll ever need.

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The complete solution to automate, customise, and extend Jira

ScriptRunner gives you capabilities you didn’t know were possible with Jira Software and Jira Service Desk, using the power of Groovy scripting.
From automating bulk actions and creating scripted fields, to building bespoke workflows, and 3rd party integrations, ScriptRunner gives every Jira admin superpowers!
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One app instead of dozens of apps and plug-ins
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Model complex business processes using advanced Jira automation
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Focus admin resources where they matter and skip the grind of repetitive tasks
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Save the time and hassle of writing a complete plug-in with Groovy scripts that just work

Reviews from Atlassian Marketplace

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Dear Adaptavist team, I want to express my appreciation for the ScriptRunner plugin. It has been an essential tool in helping me achieve my business goals and that of all my clients. If I had to choose only one Jira plugin, it would be ScriptRunner because it is a multi-purpose tool that fills the gaps where Jira lacks functionality. I have used ScriptRunner on several cloud instances, and it's always the first Jira add-on I install. It's a critical add-on that provides Jira with versatility beyond my expectations. I'm grateful to have such a powerful tool at my disposal. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of receiving excellent support from the cloud support team. They have been patient in helping me understand groovy scripts and have provided me with invaluable insights on how to make the most of ScriptRunner. I'm impressed by their willingness to go above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. The Adaptavist plugin is one of the best among all Jira/Confluence plugin vendors. Thank you for making complicated Jira Automation scenarios possible. You have genuinely helped me streamline business processes and increase productivity. Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication. Best regards, Ben van den Berg from Agile Digital Solution (Pty) Ltd
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Ben van den Berg on 15.04.2024
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Adaptavist team, I guess I did write a review a while ago, but I feel like writing another one now. If I were to choose only one plugin for Jira, I would, undoubtedly, choose this ScriptRunner plugin!! What a multi-purpose tool it is!!! I have been following it since its inception days (initially founded by Jamie Echlin and acquired by you around 2015 I guess).. what a transformation it has gone through and how critical it has become for a Jira Data Center instance in terms of automations!!!! I must commend the awesome support by the both Cloud and Server teams.. in the past 10 years, whenver I got stuck with groovy scripts, the Support folks have repeatedly helped me out with wonderful ideas and pieces of sample snippets!! I would rank the Adaptavist plugin support as the BEST among all Jira/Confluence plugin vendors!! Recently I ran in to a challenge to write a validation behaviour between a single-select field and a cascade field with bi-directional dependencies. From the forums, it sounded it is an impossible task to read the value of a child option of the Cascade field when you write the server-side behaviour snippet on the driving Single-select field. But with wonderful support from an awesome engineer, Robert Bayliss, I am able to achieve what I have been looking out for!! There tons of such examples of Adaptavist support engineers' willing-to-help attitude, though they can simply avoid helping us saying that they are not obligated to help the Jira customers with coding tips!! 99% of the time, all support engineers try their best to understand what customer is asking for and would render their best possible conducive help!! Thanks Adaptavist.. without you, 90% of complicated Jira Automation scenarios would FAIL!! I would give the rest of 10% credit to Automation for Jira and Jira Workflow Toolbox plugins. :)
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Srinivas Chimata on 22.03.2024
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Since I used it in the past on the Server instance, I could say that in the Cloud there are a few functionalities needed and I'm pretty sure Adatavist will roll out in the next period. Nevertheless, I recommend this tool.
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Liviu Seplecan on 20.03.2024
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Great plugin and also very good service in the support cases I have had with them. This plugin is the equivalent of a swish army knife for Jira, it is a must have I would say even if you have no previous programming experience.
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Erik Ekengren on 08.03.2024
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Great support received when I asked for the information about isssueFunction which previously was available for all users and now it's a bit different due to some Atlassian limitations
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David Moreno Miguel on 02.02.2024

Transform Jira with ScriptRunner

Discover how ScriptRunner can turn your Jira instance into all that you ever wanted it to be.


Advanced automation with Groovy scripts
With ScriptRunner, you can focus on making Jira better rather than manual upkeep. Go beyond simple drag-and-drop tools to building complex automations at scale, such as:
Build multi-step automation flows with bespoke logic, loops and variables.

Archive issues, update and validate custom fields across projects, and save hundreds of hours on repetitive tasks.

Run scripts on a schedule, on-demand, or in response to an event within Jira.
Screenshot of automation on ScriptRunner for Jira


Customise every element of Jira
Control every aspect of your Jira instance and make it your own with direct access to the Jira Java API (for Server and Data Center) and REST API (for Cloud), including:
Modify the way your users interact with Jira to reflect your business processes and enforce best practices
Display custom messages and notifications Control and modify your Jira UI (Server and Data Center)
Screenshot of customisation on ScriptRunner for Jira


Extend Jira functionality with 3rd party integrations
Connect your entire business by moving your data easily between Jira and other business systems - including tools within the Atlassian stack such as Confluence and Bitbucket, or 3rd party solutions such as Slack. This allows you to:
Query SQL databases or LDAP within Jira, e.g. as part of a workflow validator.

Store and access data directly within Jira issues and projects, making it the single source of truth for your organisation.

Add REST endpoints to pull data and notifications from 3rd party systems.
Screenshot of ScriptRunner for Jira

Improve Jira for every user

Whether you're a Jira admin or an everyday user, ScriptRunner makes your life easier and helps you get more out of Jira.
With enhanced JQL search you can run more sophisticated search queries and set up granular filters to find the information you need. For example, you can locate epics with stories currently being worked on or identify duplicate issues in a project.
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Hit the ground running with ready-made scripts and training resources.

No coding skills? No worries. Start building automations with built-in scripts that work out of the box, or visit the ScriptRunner Library to explore hundreds of scripts written by other users - which you can use for inspiration or just copy and paste directly into your instance.
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Security and stability, as standard

We're proud to have achieved these milestones (so far!) around data security, privacy and stability:
ScriptRunner has opened up a world of automation and customisation which otherwise would have required multiple plugins and apps.
Tom Lister
European Jira Administrator at

Sample pricing

The intervals shown below are not exhaustive and are intended to give an indication of the price for your organisation and how ScriptRunner scales for growing teams.
To see an exhaustive breakdown of pricing by user tier, please click through to the Atlassian marketplace.
Team sizePrice
100USD 2.50 per user
250USD 1.50 per user
1,000USD 0.50 per user
2,500USD 0.45 per user
5,000USD 0.40 per user
7,500USD 0.35 per user
10,000USD 0.30 per user
15,000USD 0.25 per user
20,000USD 0.20 per user
25,000USD 0.10 per user
30,000USD 0.05 per user
35,000USD 0.03 per user
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Data Center
Team sizePrice
50Yearly only
100Yearly only
250Yearly only
1,000Yearly only
2,000Yearly only
5,000Yearly only
7,000Yearly only
10,000Yearly only
15,000Yearly only
20,000Yearly only
25,000Yearly only
30,000Yearly only
35,000Yearly only
40,000Yearly only
45,000Yearly only
50,000Yearly only
50,001+Yearly only
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Team sizePrice
10Yearly only
50Yearly only
100Yearly only
250Yearly only
1,000Yearly only
2,500Yearly only
5,000Yearly only
7,500Yearly only
10,000Yearly only
10,001+Yearly only
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Case studies

Get inspired by others who are making use of ScriptRunner tools.
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Try it for free

Get your full-feature trial from the Atlassian Marketplace today to start automating, customising, and extending Jira to truly fit your organisation.

Not confident with scripting?

There are a number of features in ScriptRunner which don't require any scripting at all, but to help you take your automation to the next level, we have a library of free script snippets, plus training videos, tutorials, and webinars!
Check out all of our scripting resources and services.

Product updates

Check out all of the latest updates for ScriptRunner for Jira, plus what we're working on next!
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Behaviours for Jira Cloud has arrived

ScriptRunner is bringing game-changing customisation possibilities to Jira Cloud with Behaviours.
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Ready to fly through your Jira automations and customisations faster than ever?

Become an automation hero with the help of HAPI. Exclusively available on ScriptRunner for Jira Server and Data Center.
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Want to know how you can get involved with shaping the future of ScriptRunner?

Request a feature, take part in paid research, or share a story or use case.
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Migrating from server?

Keep the automations, customisations and hands-off housekeeping that you’ve come to rely on.
We’re ready when you are. Whether you’re headed to the cloud or keeping things local with Data Center hosting, we offer a well-established version of ScriptRunner for Jira for both, each including a 30-day free evaluation period.
Head to this section of our website, which contains FAQs, webinar recordings and more to help you understand our recommended approach to migration and the similarities and differences between our Cloud and Data Center products.
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