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ScriptRunner Leap: a playground of possibility

A person leaps for joy in front of a giant arrow on a software screen. The ScriptRunner Leap logo appears before them.

What is ScriptRunner Leap?

A new brand from the brains that brought you ScriptRunner, ScriptRunner Leap is here to shake things up.
It's a playground for innovation and exploration, a space where we can push the boundaries of what’s possible together.

Two people on a seesaw, one has an idea and the other punches the air excitedly

Why create ScriptRunner Leap?

We take our responsibility to our customers seriously, which is why we're setting out this dedicated playground for innovation; to help us create your future favourite tools without risking the reliability and stability of the ScriptRunner products that you already know and love.
Now, you can be among the first to try what’s new and coming next. Have your opinions heard by the makers of ScriptRunner and join us in creating tomorrow’s tools.
A person points excitedly at the prize they have won on a colourful claw machine. The prize is obscured with a giant question mark.

It’s time to play, create, and innovate.

AI-built JQL queries

If you don't use JQL regularly or you're new to Jira, it can be tricky to know how to hone in on exactly what you're looking for. Describe what you're looking for to this AI-powered JQL generator instead!
A person points excitedly at a tool which converts plain text into magic.