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ScriptRunner for Jira on-premise product updates

Find out what’s been released recently and what’s coming out next!
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Example scripts are now available in-app: no new tabs required!

You can now access the entire contents of the library website directly from any script editor. The examples are pre-filtered to match the feature you’re working on, so you’ll only see Behaviour scripts in Behaviours.

You no longer need to open a new browser tab to find a starter script: hundreds of scripts are right there, beside the editor, ready to adapt, combine, and customise.
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Where can I find example ScriptRunner scripts?

The new Example Scripts button is your go-to destination for finding basic and advanced example scripts in seconds, without having to leave the ScriptRunner app!
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Welcome to the new Feature Release Summary hub

This new hub is designed to assist you in finding the ideal version to upgrade to, all while catching up on any enhancements you might have missed since your last update.

Automating your Assets in Automation for Jira has just gotten easier (BETA)

We’ve recently developed a number of actions and triggers that let you easily monitor, create, and update Assets using Automation for Jira. In addition, with our new Lookup Asset actions, you can now easily retrieve objects and reference attributes in other actions.
Check out our documentation for more details on how to use these new actions and triggers.
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ScriptRunner can do anything: now you can do it faster with HAPI

Ready to fly through your automations and customisations faster than ever?
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New and noteworthy

Here are some of the most recent updates to ScriptRunner for Jira on-premise that we think you need to know about.

Remember you can always access the latest release notes in our documentation.

Built-in Execution Failure Notifier

Get alerted about script execution failures with this new feature. Simply set it up once to listen for any failures in your instance, and get instant notifications if something goes wrong. Say goodbye to costly downtime and hello to efficient, effective script monitoring! How to set it up.

Dynamic forms update

Permission scheme picker field has been added to the dynamic form field, allowing scheme selection. Check out the Dynamic Forms page for more information. 

You can also now use optionsGenerator within the select list annotation to customize your own list options. This is useful if you can't find a dynamic form annotation that is suitable for your purpose.

We're always improving HAPI

You can now update comments using HAPI. Check out the Work with Comments page to learn more about what you can do with comments.

We've also developed HAPI updates for creating an issue and Assets.

Keep up to date with the latest updates and enhancements to HAPI in our changelog. View the changelog here.

Jira 9 Compatibility

We are compatible with the latest version of Jira. Upgrading from older Jira versions has never been easier with the help of our new Script Registry toggle, when toggled on will show only scripts that may require attention following an upgrade to Jira 9. Please use our documentation for compatibility suggestions.

Updated: Behaviours tutorial

Follow these simple examples to upskill on one of our most popular features.
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Guardrails built-in scripts have been released!

To help you turn best practice into action in just a few quick clicks, we’ve released five new built-in scripts within ScriptRunner for Jira in line with Atlassian’s Guardrails for comments, project archiving, change history, attachments and issue links. Administrators can now implement Atlassian’s recommendations using easily-configurable ScriptRunner power. Keep reading to find out how–plus some helpful hints for handling Atlassian’s Guardrail for epics using ScriptRunner!
Each can be used for reporting and monitoring against Guardrail recommendations, and also for actioning any cleanup required.

Help for new starters

Are you a new user of ScriptRunner for Jira, or have you recently inherited it? Don't worry, we are here to help!
Watch our condensed tutorial and in just 4 minutes you can learn how to navigate the app. Don’t forget to visit our Getting Started page for even more tips and advice

Join our regular webinar

We share inspiration, resources, product news and answer your questions!

New HAPI Code Helper

We've added a HAPI code helper, also known as a linter, that detects where your scripts can be simplified with HAPI code and suggests an alternative.
Find out more details, and information about how to enable/disable this feature, on the HAPI Code Helper page.
HAPI Code helper in action

What else are we thinking about right now?

Here are the features we're developing or exploring.
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Our Fragments feature is getting a makeover
Based on customer feedback we know the fragments feature needs an overhaul.

If you would like to take part in some user testing to help us improve fragments we would love to talk with you.
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Help shape future Automations
Have your say on what future Automation for Jira triggers and actions you would like us to tackle next.
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Have a feature request?
Let us know how we can make your day with a new feature or app enhancement.
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Your feedback in action

One of our awesome users gave us a wish-list feature to save time when switching users. We’re delighted to share that Administrators can now quickly switch user when hovering over a user profile within an issue or in the User management space. Previously admins could only switch user through the Switch User built-in script. Could your wish be granted next?

Want to know how you can get involved with shaping the future of ScriptRunner for Jira?

Submit new ideas, share a story, use case or take part in paid research!

Get inspired with documentation

In addition to the latest release notes, ScriptRunner for Jira on-premise documentation also contains oodles of inspiration.
Whether you're brand new to ScriptRunner or have been using it for a while, we bet there's something in there that you haven't tried yet!
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Not using ScriptRunner yet?

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