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5 new built-in Jobs and Listeners now available

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Nitin Chand
4th March, 2024
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We’ve released 3 new built-in jobs and 2 new built-in Listeners based on our most popular built-in scripts.

More no-code automation to help you automate without scripting

We’ve released 3 new built-in Jobs and 2 new built-in Listeners based on our most popular built-in scripts.
A refresher, in case you need it: our built-in Jobs and Listeners allow you to set up automations to run on a schedule or in reaction to Confluence events respectively, with no coding required.
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Let’s look at what’s new!

Bulk Delete Attachments Job

Schedule ScriptRunner to regularly delete attachments that are older than a certain age. Select which Spaces or page trees you’d like the Job to run.

Manage Labels Job

Set up a Job to regularly add, remove or rename labels in certain Spaces or pages.
This way you can ensure missing labels are regularly added to specific pages or misspellings on labels are regularly corrected.

Purge Trash Job

Set a schedule to regularly clear the trash from selected Spaces or all Spaces to save on storage and improve the performance of Confluence.

Update Page Restrictions Listener

Automatically set page restrictions on Spaces or page trees based on over 250 Confluence events, like page creation or page updates. Or use your own criteria, such as when a certain label is applied. Page restrictions can be set for users or groups.

Add/Remove Watchers Listener

Add or remove watchers to a space, page or CQL selection prompted by a Confluence event. For example, automatically add any new users to the Marketing group as watchers of the Marketing space.

See the full list of available built-in Listeners and built-in Jobs for Confluence Data Center.

Built-in listeners and built-in jobs