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ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud product updates

Find out what’s been released recently and what’s coming out next!
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New feature alert: An easier coding experience in Jira and Confluence Cloud

Ready to reduce context-switching, and get a step ahead with autocompletions for Groovy and Atlassian's REST API?
There's a new, intelligent editor to save you time, and assist as you build automations to support your business logic in ScriptRunner's Atlassian Cloud products.
Find out all the details about thew new code editor.
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New and noteworthy

Here are some of the most recent updates to ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud that we think you need to know about.
Remember you can always access the latest release notes in our documentation.
Search, filter and position Scripted Fields like Jira custom fields!
You can now move your Scripted Fields anywhere on a screen, view them in search results, and adapt your Jira instance to your teams' needs.

Find out all the details about what's new in Scripted Fields here.
childrenOf and parentsOf arrive for Jira Cloud
We’re thrilled to unveil two new additions to Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud that are guaranteed to make your life easier. Get a better understanding of the relationships between your Jira Cloud issues, and clearly identify relevant initiatives across multiple projects with childrenOf and parentsOf functions.
Visit this blog post to learn more about how to find parent issues with this function, and explore practical examples.
Behaviours now supports several new functionalities
Bring structure to Jira and create even more field customisations with Behaviours, which now supports several new functionalities.
1. New field type on Create View: number
2. New field types on Issue View:
  • fix versions
  • number
  • labels
  • date picker
3. New methods added on Issue View: getDescription and setDescription. These allow you to conditionally change the description of a supported field (also known as helper text).
Check the Behaviours documentation for a full list of what is currently supported.

Quarterly Product Update webinar

Join us live every quarter for a highlight reel of what's new and what's next to keep you at the top of your automation game.

What else are we thinking about right now?

Here are the features we're developing or exploring:
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Behaviours on Transition View
Need to control fields on an issue that is transitioning between two states? Behaviours on Transition View is coming soon!
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HAPI is coming to Jira Cloud
Making your automations and customisations easier is our number one goal, which is why we're currently working on implementing HAPI on ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. Less time spent building your scripts means more time you can use to focus on more important tasks!

Want to know how you can get involved with shaping the future of ScriptRunner for Jira?

Upvote features you want to see or submit new ideas, share a story, use case or take part in paid research!

Get inspired with documentation

In addition to the latest release notes, ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud documentation also contains oodles of inspiration.
Whether you're brand new to ScriptRunner or have been using it for a while, we bet there's something in there that you haven't tried yet!
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