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Behaviours arrives for Issue View plus 2 other announcements
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A photograph of Andrei Cuzuioc, Senior Product Marketing Manager at ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud
Andrei Cuzuioc
10th November, 2023

Behaviours arrives for Issue View plus 2 other announcements

We're always working to improve Behaviours, and you can now: configure Behaviours on the Issue View, define new customisations based on the Issue Type field and use Behaviours in Jira Work Management.
⚠️ An exciting update: 14th November, 2023
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Since we posted this blog, we've released support for 7 new custom field types! Check the contents below for a list of all supported fields and methods on Issue View.
Somewhere, shrouded high in the clouds, is a cave where a dragon sits atop a pile of wishes. Your wishes. The things you want to see most in ScriptRunner Behaviours for Jira Cloud. A brave band of warriors charms the dragon, extracting three wishes that they can take with them on their journey.
Okay, so there’s no cave–that’s just our backlog of ideas–but Behaviours has been an epic journey so far, hasn’t it? Launching in November 2022, adding support for custom fields and new methods earlier this year, and now we have three more of your wishes granted.
Let’s take a look.

What’s new in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud Behaviours?

If you’re in a rush (maybe you’re being chased by goblins), here’s what you can do in Behaviours that you couldn’t before:
  • You can configure Behaviours on the Issue View.

    Up to now, it’s only been possible to configure Behaviours on the ‘Create View’. This update lets you control how fields in Jira behave and apply ‘if-then’ conditions beyond the ‘Create View’ and after an issue has already been created.
  • You can define new customisations based on the Issue Type field when an issue is created.

    Using the Issue Type field for Behaviours customisations lets you align Jira with your team and business rules more accurately than ever.
  • You can now apply Behaviours in Jira Work Management.

    Deploy the power of Behaviours beyond Jira Software as support arrives for company-managed projects in Jira Work Management.
Keep reading to learn more about each new functionality and what you can use it for, but we’re not done with our quest to get you more field control and customisation power on Jira Cloud. Behaviours on Transition View is coming soon, too, which will allow you to configure Behaviours throughout the entire lifecycle of your Jira issues.

Need help creating Behaviours?

Here are some example scripts to get you started

Behaviours on Issue View for Jira Cloud

You can now configure Behaviours in either the Create View or on the Issue View.
Up to this point, you’ve only been able to apply conditions such as hide/show certain fields or allow, for example, the priority field to be modified exclusively by a certain group of users during the creation of a Jira issue.
With this release, you can apply the same logic after the issue has already been created. As in the example above, this means that only some user groups can change the priority field when the issue already exists.
This is the initial release of Behaviours on Issue View: we don’t yet have full field and method support, but we’re working on it. Here’s what’s currently available on Issue View.
A table shows Supported Fields for Behaviours
We’re working on adding support for more fields in order to bring Behaviours on Issue View in line with what you can already do on the Create View.
For a complete overview of the supported fields and methods in Behaviours on both ‘Create View’ and ‘Issue View’ please check our documentation.

How to use it

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how to configure Behaviours on Issue View. You can get the script shown in this video from the Script Library.

Issue Type field in Behaviours for Jira Cloud: now supported

Been waiting to apply ‘if-then’ conditions with Behaviours based on the type of Issue? Your wait is over!
Perhaps your organisation needs only certain users to create Jira issues of a particular issue type, only QAs to raise tests, for instance. In the Create View, you can now apply a Behaviour which facilitates exactly this.
The following actions are supported when configuring Behaviours on the Issue Type field:
  • Change field name
  • Update field value
  • Hide or show certain issue types to your users
The example below shows that users in the Developer group only have the option to create “Story” and “Bug” issue types, while users outside of that group have more options available.
Behaviours is used to hide issue types for certain user groups

How to use it

Watch the video below to create the Behaviour described above. You can get the script shown in this video from the Script Library.

ScriptRunner Behaviours for Jira Work Management

If you've been hoping to apply Behaviours to your team's workspace but you're using Jira Work Management, we have good news! You can now use Behaviours in company-managed projects in Jira Work Management.
With that, we're headed back up the mountain once again to see which wishes we can barter for next! Happy adventuring: we'd love to hear how you're using Behaviours!

Don’t have Behaviours yet?

Grab it now from the Atlassian Marketplace! Get the feature in this ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud companion app.