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Get started with ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud

Welcome to ScriptRunner, your complete solution to automate, customise and extend Jira. Discover all the resources you could ever need right here.
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The journey to your dream Jira destination starts right here

Whether you are discovering ScriptRunner for the first time, or a seasoned pro, you will find all the resources you need below. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can refer back to it throughout your ScriptRunner journey. And if there's something you need that you can't find? Please raise a support ticket and our team can help you.

Hey there!

I’m Jill, Product Manager for ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud.
My team is on a mission to build your favourite Jira Cloud app, unlocking new possibilities for you, our customers, and expanding the limits of Jira. Through ongoing development and support we aim to help you get the most out of ScriptRunner, whether you're currently on a free trial or paid license.
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New to ScriptRunner for Jira? Take a product tour!

Learn how to navigate and use ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud with Bobby Bailey, Customer Success Advocate.
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Getting started

ScriptRunner uses the power of Groovy to automate, customise, and extend your Jira instance. With ScriptRunner you can automate bulk actions, create scripted fields, build bespoke workflows, third party integrations, and so much more!
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Get ScriptRunner up and running

  1. Install ScriptRunner
  2. Familiarise yourself with the menu and navigation
  3. Install the free Behaviours app
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Learn the basics

  1. Explore the documentation pages
  2. Complete Beginners training path
  3. Learn Groovy scripting
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Run a script

  1. Try a Behaviours script from the in-app available examples
  2. Copy a script from our Script Library into the Script Console
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Install Behaviours

Behaviours is the most popular feature of ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. It is available as a free companion app and you can install it either from the Atlassian Marketplace or directly from the main ScriptRunner app.

Essential features

Get familiar with our most popular features!
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Gain control over fields: conditionally change how fields behave when creating a new issue in a project.
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Built-in Scripts

An alternative to writing your own code: simply complete some fields and these scripts are ready to go!
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Script Listeners

Work with listeners to run an action automatically in response to a specific event in Jira.
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Enhanced Search

Extend Jira's search capabilities and conduct more accurate searches easier and faster.
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Scripted Fields

Customise how information for an issue is displayed and show additional, usually unavailable, insights.
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Workflow Extensions

Automate and extend your workflows: set up rules, add conditions, validators & post functions.
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Script Fragments

Customise your Jira UI and display useful content from external systems to empower your users.
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Get inspired

Catch up on the latest news from the ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud team
If you're trying to administer or even just use Jira without ScriptRunner, you're doing it wrong.
Review from Atlassian's Marketplace

Training courses

We have a training path for every level of user, to help you become a ScriptRunner pro.
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Get to grips with ScriptRunner basics, features and navigation.
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Build on your knowledge to create and edit more complex automations.
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Introduction to Groovy

Learn the basics of Groovy in this guided coding session.
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Is It Possible?

Join us live every six weeks for our question-and-solution webinar series!
Got a problem that you suspect ScriptRunner can solve? Submit your challenges to our team of ScriptRunner product experts and we'll answer several each session from our ongoing list of submissions.
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Great app with even greater support! Very happy with the assistance I get when writting complex scripts.
Review from Atlassian's Marketplace

Atlassian Community

If you're stuck, check out the Atlassian Community! Someone may already have asked and answered your query, and if not, you can ask the thousands of experienced users for help.
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Need more help?

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