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Ready to fly through your automations and customisations faster than ever?

Become an automation hero with the help of HAPI
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Scripted automation in Jira has forever changed!

Say hello to HAPI: your new scripting sidekick.
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Get more output for less input

Fly through your automations and customisations faster than ever. Accelerate your transformation and automation for less time, effort, and brainpower.
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Create without context switching

There’s no need to keep ten tabs open for reference, just focus on your goal and let us do the heavy lifting.
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Recreate your business processes quickly

Create conditional or complex automations and customisations using human, intuitive approaches. You no longer need to be a master of Groovy or Atlassian APIs.
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Upskill easily on automation and customisation

No need to learn or recall programming languages or API syntax: all you need to know to get started is what you want to achieve.

In addition to the easier-to-read formatting of HAPI, this major upgrade also provides suggestions and autocompletions as you type, making the experience of creating your automations faster and smoother than ever before, whether you’re an expert or a total beginner.

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ScriptRunner can do anything: now you can too

We have opened the doors of coding in ScriptRunner to administrators of any background. It's time to get HAPI!
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Here is the script for creating a Jira issue written out in full Groovy, compared with the same task written out in HAPI. Scripts can now be up to 70% shorter.

A long script shows in Groovy next to a short script in HAPI

"Wow—that looks like something I could actually explain to my team."

April, a ScriptRunner user

Get started with HAPI script snippets

The easiest way to get started with HAPI: simply adapt these script snippets to suit your needs.
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Check out our helpful HAPI documentation

Everything you need to know about HAPI.
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We're always improving HAPI

Keep up to date with the latest updates and enhancements to HAPI in our changelog.
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HAPI training zone

Take a short tour of HAPI with Bobby Bailey, Customer Success Manager.
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Take the HAPI tour

Let Customer Success Manager Bobby Bailey take you on a short tour of HAPI.

How to use HAPI with your existing scripts

In less than 5 minutes, learn how you can combine scripts using both Groovy and HAPI to start benefiting from faster automation implementations the second you upgrade to the latest version of ScriptRunner for Jira Data Center or Server.

How to use HAPI with custom fields

Understand how HAPI interacts with your existing custom fields to make customisation and automation quicker than ever, also in under 5 minutes!

Frequently asked questions

What is HAPI?

HAPI is a new and quicker way to define your Jira automations and customisations.
It's compatible with existing scripts and is built around use cases and Jira terminology. It is tightly integrated with the script editor and ScriptRunner features like Behaviours and Listeners.

How can I get started with HAPI?

Use our in-app snippets, our library scripts, as well as our official HAPI user documentation here.

How do I get HAPI?

You can install HAPI from version 7.11.0 onwards of ScriptRunner for Jira Server/Data Center.

Will I need to upgrade ScriptRunner to get HAPI?

Yes, you will need to upgrade to at least version 7.11.0 of ScriptRunner for Jira Server/Data Center.

Do I need to rewrite existing scripts?

No. You can keep existing scripts as they are. However, if you wish to make your current scripts shorter and more manageable, then you may want to update them to make use of HAPI.

Blog: Imagining a new world for Jira customisation

Imagine being able to say yes to every (sensible) automation or customisation request that you get for Jira. To laugh in the face of simple requests and solve them within minutes. Being able to deliver even on the more complex asks, every single time.
When Franziska from finance asks if there is a way to—finally, once and for all, please—force a receipt attachment for every issue raised with the expense type; you can instantly...
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Try it for free

If you are yet to try ScriptRunner you can get your full-feature trial of ScriptRunner for Jira from the Atlassian Marketplace today to start automating, customising, and extending Jira to truly fit your organisation.
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Other upcoming and recent changes

See what else we're working on within the ScriptRunner for Jira on-premise team!
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