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Two new, super quick ways to master ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud
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Two new, super quick ways to master ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud

Mo Backer
Jess Thompson
28th July, 2021
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ScriptRunner for Jira cloud can do a lot. We often joke that one day we’ll use it to toast bread. For now, though, we’ll stick to automating Jira cloud and all the other incredible things ScriptRunner already does.
When leveraging its power, there can be times when you need to dive into ScriptRunner for Jira cloud documentation to understand exactly how things work and what’s possible. With so many features, with so much Jira power in your hands, it’s not a surprise that occasionally we need a reminder of how things work. We’re always looking for ways to help you on this journey, and we’ve got a couple of exciting new things to share that we think you’ll love!

In-app documentation has arrived

You might have noticed that earlier this year, we launched an entirely new documentation site with cleaner navigation and improved structure. We’ve had great feedback on the glow-up, and it’s generally much easier to get to grips with, but we didn’t want to stop there...
We asked ourselves, how can we make it easier still to understand ScriptRunner features and what can be achieved with them? With that in mind, we’ve decided to put the documentation inside ScriptRunner for Jira cloud. You can now access help super easily, and most importantly, right where you need it. (It’s also one less tab, which is never a bad thing!)

How to use ScriptRunner for Jira In-app Documentation

So how do you use it? It’s easy. Just click on the help button in the bottom right of the screen and the documentation will pop up. The content is exactly the same as our documentation website, but pre-filtered to show you the most relevant info for whatever you’re trying to achieve. Browse through the sections, use the search bar: find exactly what you’re looking for on the spot.
If you have any feedback about this new experience, let us know via support or our feedback board. We love hearing from you!
Access the new in-app documentation using this button in the bottom right of the screen
Screenshot of the script console

Free ScriptRunner for Jira cloud training

Ever wanted a quick rundown of ScriptRunner for Jira cloud? How about a video course that fits into 20 minutes? We’ve got you covered.
We’ve created two video short courses: one which covers the basics of ScriptRunner for Jira cloud for total beginners, and another which takes a deeper dive into features, groovy and working with the Atlassian API for more intermediate users. We know you’re busy, so each course is just 20 minutes long, making it easier to fit around your meetings and internal requests!
Here’s a sample of the course content, click the links below for the full versions!


Click below to begin beginners and intermediate level training on ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud
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