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The journey to Behaviours on Cloud has started
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Andrei Cuzuioc
Andrei Cuzuioc
6th September, 2022
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The journey to Behaviours on Cloud has started

ScriptRunner is bringing game-changing field customisation possibilities to Jira Cloud with Behaviours.
If you’ve been waiting for ScriptRunner Behaviours to arrive on Jira Cloud, you’re not alone. It’s been one of our most highly requested features, a question which crops up at every webinar, and something that internally we have been hoping to bring to you for some time.
The roll-out of Behaviours on ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud is officially about to begin. The wait is over, but we’re also just getting started…

So, what’s been happening?

We’ve been working tirelessly with our colleagues over at Atlassian to bring Behaviours to Cloud, starting with meetings to ensure that your needs as users were clearly understood by all and to make sure the feature would be built in a futureproof way.
Progress hit a key milestone in July this year when Atlassian released the preview version of its Jira UI modifications module, unlocking access to some of the necessary capabilities to allow us to develop on it. We’re about to hit another milestone so we’re beyond delighted to be able to introduce the initial release coming very soon.
Within the next few weeks, Behaviours will become available on ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. Let’s take a look at what’s coming.
"Working on Behaviours with the ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud team has been like we are one team. We have built strong relationships and established asynchronous team-to-team communication. This was a key to a quick feedback loop for building these UI modifications."
-- Jakub Mierzewski, Senior Product Manager, Atlassian

Initial release: what to expect

This release will grant the ability to create Behaviours on five of the most popular system fields in Jira:
  • Priority
  • Summary
  • Assignee
  • Labels
  • Description
For these fields, the following actions will be supported in the first release of Behaviours:
  • Hide and/or show supported fields
  • Change field names
  • Change field descriptions
  • Set default field values

“Hey, there’s stuff missing here!”

If you’re already a Behaviours buff, you might spot some things that aren’t here yet. We’re building on Atlassian’s UI modifications API and working with them to establish a solid foundation for future iterations. Since this first release covers some of the most frequently used and popular Behaviours from its Data Center and Server counterparts, we didn’t want to wait to get what we have into your hands.
This first version of Behaviours is the foundation stone upon which we will continue to build new capabilities; the start of a journey for bringing the full power of Behaviours to Cloud and we are very excited to continue working with Atlassian to unlock more capabilities going forwards.
"We hope that users of ScriptRunner for Jira are as excited as we are to see the initial release of Behaviours landing on Cloud. There is more to come, more use cases to cover, and we’re continuing to work with Atlassian on delivery. Watch this space!"
-- Jillian Patterson, Product Manager, ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud

Some other things are different

Here are a few other things to note about the first release of Behaviours before it goes live within the next few weeks.
  1. Because Behaviours on Cloud is built on Atlassian’s Forge technology, administrators will need to install a separate Behaviours app, but don’t worry: a guide with the installation procedure will be available when the feature goes live.
  2. At first, Behaviours will be supported on the ‘Create’ screen only. We know how important it is for you to be able to set behaviours throughout the entire workflow, so we’re keeping this high on the priority list.
  3. The way Behaviours are configured on Cloud compared to Data Center and Server has changed slightly, aiming to improve the user experience and simplify things based on feedback from users.

Stay up to date with how Behaviours progresses

Don’t know what Behaviours is?

If you’ve never used ScriptRunner for Jira Data Center and Server, or you never got around to exploring the Behaviours feature, get ready for a brand-new boost to your Jira customisation power. One of the most popular features on Server and Data Center is now also coming to Cloud. Behaviours allow you to conditionally change how fields behave in Jira, giving a more customised experience for all.
Keep your eyes peeled for our launch announcement, where we’ll dig into some use cases and how things look in-app in more detail!

Update: it's here!

Get Behaviours now!