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Integrated Performance Monitoring in ScriptRunner for Jira
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Chirag Harendra
7th August, 2019
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Integrated Performance Monitoring in ScriptRunner for Jira

Understanding the effect scripts have on Jira is critical for successfully managing the platform. Find out how ScriptRunner can assist with better and more robust performance monitoring.
ScriptRunner for Jira Execution History updates provides better and more robust performance monitoring.
Understanding the effect your ScriptRunner for Jira scripts has on your Jira instance is critical for admins to successfully manage the platform. Previously, our customers could only view the last 15 iterations of each script with Execution History.
Customers asked us if ScriptRunner could extend performance history for each script, and we listened. Now, Execution History shows you the history of execution times and failure rates of individual scripts dating back up to two years after installing this update.
This will allow customers to optimise and iterate with better performance metrics from ScriptRunner for Jira version 5.4.48 onwards for Server and Data Center.

Benefits of updated ScriptRunner for Jira Execution History

A lot of our customers have multiple scheduled jobs running at a particular time of the day. Using Execution History you can now monitor whether this impacts the performance of these scripts allowing you to run experiments in order to find the right balance for your instance. For example, choosing to run Scheduled Jobs at different times of the day or week can result in more efficient use of Jira’s resources.
The beauty of having a longer-term view of script performance is that you can begin to identify and measure patterns over time. This allows you to make important administrative decisions that maximise the performance of your Atlassian platform.
You can create a hypothesis, test it, and measure your results using the Execution History tool, and continue to optimise your ScriptRunner performance over time.

How to use the new Execution History features

To find execution times and failure rates in ScriptRunner for Jira, go to any extension point in your instance, for example, listeners and click the dropdown:
Custom listener example
Once you have clicked the dropdown, this will show you the last 15 executions, plus the performance history for up to two years:
Listeners executions example

Additional Node script execution insights for Data Center customers

If you are on a Data Center version of Jira, it is likely that you will have to monitor the nodes associated with your instance. Nodes are like lanes on a motorway, the more lanes you have, the more cars can travel from A to B. If there is a lane that is constantly busy, we generally expect cars to flow into other lanes so traffic can move smoothly.
In the same way, Data Center processes tasks across various nodes, so you can get more done at the same time without experiencing traffic jams. ScriptRunner for Jira Data Center users can now see the performance of each script per node in their Data Center instance. This means you can easily track processing times, failure rates, and success rates of each script in a particular node, without logging into each one node individually.
For example, the graph may show there are more failures at certain times of the day on one of your nodes. This gives you an enhanced view when monitoring or troubleshooting the nuts and bolts of your Data Centre instance.
Node performance sample

Work Smarter, not harder with improved Execution History for ScriptRunner for Jira

Execution History now provides more analytics for you to develop scripts that will keep your Jira performing at an optimal level.
At Adaptavist we always try to improve and expand the useability and functionality of our products We hope the improved Execution History and reporting features help you make the most out of ScriptRunner for Jira Server and Data Center.
Please note: this feature is compatible with version 5.4.48 onwards for “ScriptRunner for Jira Server” and “ScriptRunnner for Jira Data Center”.

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