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Imagining a new world for Jira customisation
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Jess Thompson
Jess Thompson
11th January, 2023
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Imagining a new world for Jira customisation

Imagine being able to say yes to every (sensible) automation request that you get for Jira. We're working on a little something...
Imagine saying yes to every (sensible) automation or customisation request that you get for Jira. To laugh in the face of simple requests and solve them within minutes. Being able to deliver even on the more complex asks every single time.
When Franziska from finance asks if there is a way to—finally, once and for all, please—force a receipt attachment for every issue raised with the expense type; you can instantly become her favourite colleague by typing a short reply of "No problem."
And Fran isn’t the only one. You’ve become something of a hero, even more so than before, to all the teams that touch Jira within your organisation for your ability to make things that seemed impossible happen, and happen quickly.
Your work accelerates the work of others, makes their lives easier, and you can say yes to almost anything. Quick automation for re-assigning tickets? Consider it done. Tricky business process? Not a problem. Fiddly logic and integrations with other systems? Sure, that can be achieved; how does next Friday sound?
But learning how to deliver advanced customisations can take years. They can require knowledge of coding languages that you may not have come across, or have barely touched so far in your career. Maybe you arrived at your role with a process background and zero experience with coding environments. Your role may be divided between different responsibilities, and you don’t have the time to sit and study the APIs for each tool in your team’s tech stack. Who has access to that kind of uninterrupted luxury?
Learning tools like ScriptRunner takes time that you just might not have, regardless of how much time it might save you in the future.
All of these pressures prevent you from saying yes to your colleagues’ requests, or force your organisation to implement partial solutions which still rely on (busy, tired) humans being on their best behaviour. We might love our teammates dearly, but can they not just remember to attach the right file type to that Jira ticket…?
Imagine a world where you could deliver advanced Jira customisations fast: without needing to know Atlassian APIs intricately, without having a million reference tabs open, and without needing to learn Groovy script. A world where you could accelerate your teams’ digital transformation, become a Jira hero, and say yes to your beleaguered colleagues’ cries for help, without investing hours that you don’t have to upskill.
If you're ready for a world where you don't spend more time looking for a tutorial on YouTube than you do solving the actual issue, sign up below: the ScriptRunner team are working on a little something…
Are you ready?

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