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How to use ScriptRunner for Confluence (video training)
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Jessie Wang
24th August, 2022
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How to use ScriptRunner for Confluence (video training)

Check out this video training for ScriptRunner for Confluence Data Center and Server, ideal for beginners and intermediate users.
Learning to use a new product as powerful and loaded with features as ScriptRunner can be daunting. We want to help.
If you’re a beginner or intermediate user of ScriptRunner for Confluence Data Center or Server, then our just-released video training is for you. Most are just 3-4 minutes long, bite-sized because we know you’re short on time. Simply follow along to start mastering ScriptRunner for Confluence.

But wait, there's more...?

Not only have we created video training for Confluence administrators, but we’ve also created video tutorials for your users and Space Admins, too. We know that educating users can be challenging so let us do the hard work for you! We'll teach them how to use the macros, search functionality and built-in scripts that are available to them with ScriptRunner installed.
They get the full value from ScriptRunner and you reduce your workload: huzzah!
Let's take a look at this influx of training...

Don’t have ScriptRunner yet?

Take your Confluence management to the next level.

How to use ScriptRunner for Confluence for beginners

The beginner video course gives an overview of the features and how to use them for common admin tasks such as troubleshooting user permissions, cleaning up and managing content, creating automations, and communicating with your users.
You’ll be introduced to huge timesavers such as our powerful no-code built-in scripts, and using ScriptRunner Confluence Query Language (CQL) extensions to create laser-focused searches.
To continue with the ScriptRunner for Confluence Data Center and Server beginner training videos, simply click through.


ScriptRunner for Confluence beginner series

How to use ScriptRunner for Confluence for intermediate users

Our intermediate course will take a deeper dive into the scripting side of ScriptRunner with an introduction to the basics of Groovy Script (the language used by ScriptRunner) and the basics of the Confluence Java API. These are the tools you need to begin truly bending Confluence to your will and they’re accessible to all.
Lastly, the intermediate series will show you how you can combine different scripts or modify existing code to fit your needs. 
To continue with the ScriptRunner for Confluence Data Center and Server intermediate training videos, simply click through. 


ScriptRunner for Confluence intermediate series

Video training for users and Space Admins

All users of ScriptRunner will also have access to our built-in macros and Enhanced Search to do advanced searches using Confluence Query Language (CQL) to find exactly what they need faster.
We know a lot of an administrator’s role can be taken up by educating users on the tools available to them and how to use them. 
We’ve created video training for both of these features to lighten the load so you can share them directly with your users and space admin.

ScriptRunner Space Admin video training

On top of your Confluence admin-only features, ScriptRunner also provides Space Admins with access to a range of built-in scripts to help them take control and better manage their spaces. 
You can enable and disable their access to individual built-in scripts in settings to ensure they only have access to what you’re comfortable with.

Space Admin built-in scripts

This short video will walk your Space Admin through how to access the ‘Space Admin Functionality’ in ScriptRunner and give them an overview of the built-in scripts available, and what they can do with them.
We wrote a full blog about Space Admin permissions earlier this year that you can check out here.

Read more about Space Admin permissions

Video training for your Confluence end users

Enhanced Search

Users can struggle to get the best out of Enhanced Search and many may not even know what it is. Advanced searches are a great way to get teams and team members on exactly the same page (figuratively and literally!) or to create focused lists of content. 
This video teaches them the basics of Enhanced search using CQL so that they can create more targeted searches on their own. 

Macro quick start guides

Our built-in macros are popular with, and heavily used by end users. 
These short, 1-2 minute videos are aimed at ramping up users and getting them comfortable using our built-in macros as soon as possible, with step-by-step instructions to guide them through. 
We've pulled all these guides into a single page for your users. We can’t promise they’ll cry tears of joy, but they just might.

See macro quick start guides

Ready for more?

Now that you have the fundamentals of how to use ScriptRunner for Confluence under your belt, what about some inspiration on taking it to the next level?
Our Script Library is a bank of free, ready-made custom scripts that you can draw inspiration from, copy, and modify to suit your needs.
We continually add to this library based on use cases from customers, and we’ve recently added 11 new example scripts covering everything from displaying database results on a page to bulk updating email addresses.

Sample code, ready to go

If you want more examples of code to play with and take inspiration from, check out the script snippets in the Adaptavist Library!