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Get greater control over space admin built-in script permissions
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Jessie Wang
22nd February, 2022
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Get greater control over space admin built-in script permissions

You can now control which built-in scripts space admin have access to, down to the individual script level for greater control and flexibility of your Confluence instance.
From today, if you're running ScriptRunner for Confluence Server or Data Center, you'll have much more flexibility over the built-in scripts your space admins have access to. 
You can now drill down to allow or restrict access for individual scripts across your instance or by space, group, or user.
This means you can hide a particular built-in script from one space while making it available in another. Or give only a group of space admins access to select built-in scripts while disabling it for others.
You get to pick and choose exactly which scripts your space admins can use, putting the control and flexibility in your hands to manage your instance safely while giving them the functionality they need to manage their spaces effectively.

What are space admin built-in scripts?

ScriptRunner for Confluence gives space admins access to a limited selection of "no-code" built-in scripts, which they can run in the spaces they administer.
Access to these built-in scripts can be enabled or disabled by the Confluence administrator. 
If access is enabled, space admin can use built-in scripts such as Copy Page Tree, Bulk Delete Attachments or Rename Pages. 
These built-in scripts can be accessed through Space Tools on the bottom left-hand and by clicking Advanced Space Functionality.

What’s changed from the old space admin permissions?

Previously it was only possible to enable or disable access to the entire suite of built-in scripts. Now access can be granted on each individual script level, giving Confluence admins more flexibility and control to set permissions and control which scripts can and can't be used.

Where can I access this new feature?

You can find the controls to change these built-in script permissions in Settings > Configure Space Admin Built-In Script Permissions.
Configure Space Admin Built-In Script Permissions on ScriptRunner for Confluence

For more information

For full step-by-step instructions on how exactly the permissions work visit our documentation or watch the short demonstration video below.

Fancy a free trial of ScriptRunner?

Enjoy a 30-day free trial of ScriptRunner for Confluence. Available on Server, Data Center and cloud.