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A new home for ScriptRunner
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A person holds the ScriptRunner logo
A photo of Jess Thompson, Brand, Content and Communications Team Lead for ScriptRunner
Jess Thompson
22nd February, 2023

A new home for ScriptRunner

We’ve got a new home, a slightly refreshed look, and a new leader at the helm. Let’s take a look at what that means!
Welcome to our new site! We hope you like it.
Our aim is to help you get more from ScriptRunner, whether you’re a brand-new user, or someone who has been relying on it for years. ScriptRunner apps unlock unlimited possibilities for making lives easier, and we wanted a site that would facilitate that for you, whether you’ve got a project in mind or are just positively brimming with curiosity.
The new home makes navigating to what you need much easier, letting us surface product updates and product help much easier. It’s also allowing us to introduce some new content types, such as tutorials and videos, which are coming soon.
We do still have a few boxes to unpack, so check back for more additions to the site over the coming weeks…

A new look

We’ve taken this opportunity to give the ScriptRunner brand a bit of a refresh. The space that we’re in has changed–and continues to change–welcoming new industries and types of team all the time. We’re on that journey with you.

A new leadership team

Alongside the existing leadership team of Andre Serrano (Lead Product Manager) and Gustaf Stenlund (Marketing Lead), we’ve also appointed a dedicated General Manager for ScriptRunner to lead us on our journey of renewed focus and accelerated innovation: Russ Barr.
Russ has a background in technology and SaaS businesses and has been Managing Director of a number of software businesses over the last 10 years. On the launch of the ScriptRunner brand, he said: “Joining at this moment is hugely energising. The sense of possibility unfurling before the ScriptRunner teams has been palpable from my earliest meetings with them.”
Also joining us at this exciting moment in time is Greg Billington, our new Head of Engineering!

What does this mean for customers and partners?

Our teams are the same teams you already know and love. We’ll continue to collaborate with others across The Adaptavist Group, sharing our expertise, infrastructure management and other key business functions to ensure consistency and stability of customer experience throughout. Nothing changes for customers in terms of seeking product support, or purchasing or renewing licences. You can read more about The Adaptavist Group and why we've launched this site in this blog from Simon Haighton-Williams on
A little more independence puts us in a wonderful, flexible position to support the continued growth of the hugely successful ScriptRunner suite of apps for Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket, and help you redefine what’s possible where you work.

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