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Wishing that Jira could do something that it doesn't? Ready to stop doing things you hate or that waste your time?

Browse these apps and customise Jira in ways you never knew you could.
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ScriptRunner apps for Jira

Jira is Atlassian's flagship tool for helping teams to manage their workload and maintain their momentum, serving hundreds of thousands of people globally, daily.
Adopted increasingly by non-technical teams and with variants such as Jira Service Management and Jira Work Management, gone are the days when Jira was a tool for techies alone.
The flexibility in how Jira can be set up makes it a great choice for teams of all kinds, but what happens when you come across something you wish Jira could do, but it can't? That's where we come in.
Want automation, customisation and integrations? Check out the following apps for taking Jira to the next level in terms of user experience and business processes.
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ScriptRunner for Jira
Available for Cloud and Data Center
The one and only. This is the first app you should install on any Jira instance and the one that Jira admins say they can't be without.
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Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud
Available for Cloud only
Find what you need (and only what you need) faster in Jira with advanced JQL searches. Save your searches, share them with colleagues and spend more time on what matters.
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ScriptRunner Behaviours for Jira
Available for Cloud only
Included as part of your ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud license, this app is the delivery mechanism for adding conditional changes to Jira tickets like never before.
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