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Out-of-control content slowing down your Confluence? Ready to stop doing things you hate or that waste your time?

Browse these apps and manage Confluence in ways you never knew you could.
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ScriptRunner apps for Confluence

Confluence brings teams onto the same page - literally! Using dynamic pages, colleagues across departments, branches and time zones can share knowledge and collaborate on projects.
With spaces becoming larger and larger over time, with growing numbers of both projects and colleagues, keeping information on Confluence up to date and easy to access is essential.
Want Confluence to work harder for your organisation?
This is what ScriptRunner for Confluence was built for. This powerful plugin helps automate work and makes content management a breeze. And with extension capabilities, seamless integration comes as standard. Cut out unnecessary apps, work more efficiently with code-free features you can count on, and set up your own advanced processes for a bespoke experience that makes sense for your business.

ScriptRunner for Confluence

Available for Cloud, Data Center and Server
Find out more about ScriptRunner for Confluence, and try a free trial today.
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