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ScriptRunner Tour: London

We're on the road again in September and we're heading to London on Friday 6 September, register now to secure your place!
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Here's a sneak peak of what we've got in store for our ScriptRunner Tour - see what we did there?
  • Find us at the Genius bar and book one-on-one time with ScriptRunner power users.
  • Keynote speakers from organisations using ScriptRunner.
  • Talks & roundtables full of practical tips and tricks.
  • Networking evening with drinks and nibbles.
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Register now to save your space

Say hello to our partners

Thanks to our partners Atlassian, Kolekti and Tempo Software for their support during this event.
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Atlassian's team collaboration software like Jira, Confluence and Trello help teams organize, discuss, and complete shared work.
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However you want to use Confluence, Trello, or, Kolekti have an app to help you work better – together and apart.
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Tempo Software
Tempo’s flexible, modular portfolio management solutions for Jira connect your corporate vision to frontline execution for scalable impact.