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Unlock Atlassian Confluence API interactions

Confluence API integrations through a ready-made automation powerhouse?
A Confluence admin imagines what's possible, thinking in front of a Confluence page with interactive elements

Need to reach deeper into Confluence Data Center with APIs?

Native Confluence automation has improved in recent years, but there are times when what you need is to reach beyond the UI and get into how to use the Confluence REST API to achieve the automations and integrations that are really going to solve your problems.
If that's why you're here–you've reached the limits of what's possible without API interactions–pull up a chair.
Conditional page creation and templates that connect back to Jira activity
Surfacing more page information to help with auditing and compliance
Surgical precision for scheduled automations around content and user clean-up to keep Confluence tidy and useable

The easiest way to use the Confluence REST API?

Lots of people have heard of ScriptRunner for Jira, and thousands of organisations rely on it for automation, customisation and integration, as a gateway to Jira's APIs, in a bid to make Jira truly work for their businesses.
The same thing exists for Confluence.
That's right: an easy way to access the power of Confluence APIs and run scripts from a feature-rich environment that's already geared towards easy API interactions.
Some of the biggest organisations in the world are already using ScriptRunner as their go-between for defining more advanced customisations for their Confluence instances.

How to use the Confluence REST API quickly with ScriptRunner

Because it's built for working with the Confluence APIs: every code editor inside ScriptRunner gives you suggestions and autocompletions for the Confluence REST API.
That means:
  • You don't need to memorise Confluence APIs
  • You don't need to keep three hundred tabs open with reference documentation

For managing users, content and more, ScriptRunner gives you superpowers:

Pre-written script templates
Free library of sample scripts
Write totally custom scripts from scratch
Trigger scripts as a one-off
Trigger scripts on a regular schedule
Trigger scripts in reaction to Confluence events
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This app is a game changer in daily routines automation and various operations.
A Maliuta
Atlassian Marketplace
It gets better, too. Not only do you get the user-friendly interface, pre-built templates and library of ready-to-use scripts with ScriptRunner, you can define your automations using ScriptRunner HAPI.
HAPI is a human-friendly way to get what you need out of Confluence without yielding scripting power. HAPI scripts are up to 70% shorter than their full Groovy equivalents, and much more intuitive to write.
A long script on the left compares itself to a tiny HAPI script on the right

Explore the power of the Confluence API for Data Center

Atlassian provides great documentation for their APIs, and the Confluence Data Center version is no different. It's available here, including some examples for how to use the Confluence API to achieve what you need.
ScriptRunner takes all of this power and puts it into an easier-to-use interface.

Already as a business we rely on the amazing functionality ScriptRunner for Jira brings and when recently we had a specific problem to solve in our DC Confluence instance I looked to what ScriptRunner could do to help. We had 6000+ pages of content that had different HTML macros with a URL in each that needed to be changed. The support team introduced me to the very recently added in built script: 'Update Macro' and with some invaluable help and support with the code for the macro those pages are now updated. This would have taken many days of tedious manual work otherwise and I achieved it in approx 3 hours as an automated process. Fantastic support for a fantastic product.
G Rutherford
Atlassian Marketplace
ScriptRunner is a powerful tool for admins and users alike on Confluence and Jira. It's that thing you didn't know you needed until you have it. Recently, when I couldn't find a good example or the right groovy class to meet my script requirement, support responded quickly with the right method call. Another amazing resource is the Adaptavist library of scripts. Check it out!
J Graham
Atlassian Marketplace

Using ScriptRunner

Smarter Server to Cloud Confluence migration
Smartmatic share how they used ScriptRunner for Confluence to ease their macro migration from Server to Cloud.
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Resources and support

ScriptRunner users have heaps of inspiration and support to help them get where they want to be, including:
A community of enthusiasts
Case studies
Video guides
When in doubt, you can always rely on their support team - they get back to you promptly, help you with your case a provide with useful practical examples for another things to do with ScriptRunner
M Rosi
Atlassian Marketplace