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Reclaim your evenings

Defy the limitations of your work tools with ScriptRunner
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Tools that work for you

Are you considering spending tonight finally sorting out your Jira and Confluence? What if you could have top notch tools, AND take the night off to do something you really want to?
You could master the retro pinball machine you “bought for the kids”. You could start a couch to 5k and nail your personal best. You could even kick off that metal band you’ve been hoping to start since college.
Using ScriptRunner tools, you can automate Atlassian admin to achieve the Jira and Confluence of your dreams and free up your evenings for the things that really matter.
ScriptRunner: what will you do?

ScriptRunner: Making your tools work harder

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ScriptRunner for Jira
ScriptRunner uses the power of Groovy to automate, customise, and extend Jira. Automate bulk actions, create scripted fields, build bespoke workflows, third-party integrations, and so much more!
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Enhanced Search for Jira
The Jira search you always wanted. Build complex Enhanced JQL Functions quickly and easily without having to remember syntax taking search relevance to a whole new level.
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ScriptRunner for Confluence
Gain the power to make Confluence fit the complex processes of your business. Work smarter by automating time-consuming admin tasks, managing content in bulk, and improving user experience.
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ScriptRunner for Bitbucket
The only app you need to enforce best practice, automate workflows, and integrate your development toolchain. Forget about writing your own plugins: run scripts that won't let you down.
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ScriptRunner Connect
Simplify and consolidate the most complex Atlassian and third-party integrations into one central hub. Use the assisted coding environment and connectors to script all of your integrations in one place.
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Make time for what matters most

With your tools working harder for you, you can free up your evenings for the things you really want to do. ScriptRunner helps you to:
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Make your work tools work harder. ScriptRunner automates your tools so they take on more of the effort, and you can spend your time on the things that matter most.
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No longer will you change your work processes to suit your tools. With ScriptRunner, you can make your tools work exactly as you and your team need them, and not the other way around.
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Make your tools do more than ever before. With ScriptRunner, you can extend your work tools to do more, so you and your team have everything they need in the place they need it.

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