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Rainforest Alliance

How ScriptRunner helps the Rainforest Alliance drive efficiency across its client platform
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A case study on how our partner DEMICON helped the Rainforest Alliance, a nonprofit organisation, improve the efficiency and traceability of its partner supply chain platform.

About Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organisation working at the intersection of business, agriculture, and forests, to make responsible business the new normal. The pioneering organisation is building an alliance to protect forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities, promote their human rights, and help them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis.

Bringing greater efficiency to every step of the supply chain

Tracing the origin of raw materials is increasingly important for today's environmentally conscious organisations. Consumers value sustainably produced ingredients and look for visibility into a product's value chain. Modern organisations must drive supply chain transparency without compromising on quality or efficiency.
The Rainforest Alliance partners with farmers, companies and non-governmental organisations to support more sustainable palm oil production using a comprehensive traceability program. One of the companies they have invested in tracing palm oil supply chains back to producers is Unilever. This process is critical in understanding the sourcing areas of palm oil.
This case study highlights how the Rainforest Alliance, supported by our partner DEMICON, leveraged ScriptRunner's powerful automation capabilities to optimise processes and drive efficiency across its palm oil supply chain platform.

The challenge

For the Rainforest Alliance, collecting reliable data is key to driving transparency and efficiency across every aspect of the organisation.
Before working with DEMICON, the Rainforest Alliance relied on Microsoft Outlook and Excel software for collecting and managing data across its palm oil partner supply chains. This process was not only time-consuming, but it also failed to give stakeholders the transparency they needed.
The Rainforest Alliance needed a centralised, agile, and easy-to-use data platform that would help them improve efficiency and simplify their palm oil traceability processes.

The solution

To provide traceability across palm oil supply chains, the Rainforest Alliance has to collect and document specific data from suppliers on palm oil production, in particular, the percentage of sustainably produced oil.
To do this effectively, the organisation needed a way to:
  • Gather data quickly and easily.
  • Store and access data securely.
  • Prepare and analyse data efficiently.
The solution? Atlassian Jira.
The highly customisable nature of Jira made it a perfect match for their needs. And to extend the power of Jira even further, DEMICON recommended integrating ProForma: Forms for Jira, Email this Issue, Insight Asset Management, and Refined for Jira
However, there was still one crucial capability missing from this powerful mix of solutions—automation.
The Rainforest Alliance needed a way to move vast amounts of data efficiently between different Atlassian applications. Without automation, this would be a highly manual, resource-draining, and error-prone process.
Step forward: ScriptRunner for Jira
With ScriptRunner, the Rainforest Alliance was able to dramatically improve the efficiency of its processes, remove painful points of friction, and speed up the flow of data across its palm oil supply chains.

"ScriptRunner completes the Atlassian world by enabling highly individualised automation solutions and seamless interaction between different Atlassian applications and features."

Katharina Brasch, Technical Consultant, DEMICON

Results at a glance

  • Automated end-to-end processes and workflows.
  • Efficient flow of data across applications.
  • Improved supply chain transparency.
  • Greater cooperation between partners.
Alongside Jira, ScriptRunner enables the Rainforest Alliance to gain significant time and money savings through the automation of its processes and workflows.

"Our data workflow would not be possible without the automation enabled by ScriptRunner. With ScriptRunner, we were able to transfer data between our application and database in a way that is easy, efficient, and scalable."

Hans Bakker, Rainforest Alliance
The Rainforest Alliance’s new set-up enables faster onboarding of new project members, automatically triggering bespoke responses to emails, and setting tailored reminders—seamlessly transferring data between apps. Also, team responsibility is now more evenly distributed through the centralisation of data tracking and monitoring capabilities provided by Jira. And the scalability of the platform to serve many companies in parallel.
The Rainforest Alliance was also able to take its automation ambitions to the next level with ScriptRunner's snippet library. The library provided access to handy resources and out-of-the-box automation scripts for practical use, reducing the need to write code manually.

"The ScriptRunner library gives you access to practical real-world automation examples and use cases that you can use to inspire your own creations."

Katharina Brasch, Technical Consultant, DEMICON
"ScriptRunner has allowed us to create a best practice foundation for automation on our platform. Now we can scale up our efforts without worrying about the resource implications," says Hans Bakker, Business Intelligence Senior Associate, Rainforest Alliance.
The DEMICON team applied its comprehensive know-how of Atlassian throughout the project and, with creative and tailored automation solutions, succeeded in achieving the best outcome for the Rainforest Alliance.

"ScriptRunner gives me the confidence to handle any customer need. The flexible way the tool is designed makes anything possible."

Christian Wiemer, Senior Technical Consultant, DEMICON
Now with ScriptRunner in place, the team at the Rainforest Alliance are planning to build more automation across the organisation to reduce manual effort and free up precious time to drive their important work forward.

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