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What's new in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud
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Andra Dinu
Andra Dinu
23rd January, 2019
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What's new in ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud

Get up to speed with everything new on ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud, including script fragments, Confluence, stability and performance, and the script library.

What's new in ScriptRunner for Jira cloud

We’re always striving to improve ScriptRunner across all platforms, taking users feedback on board and adding new features to make ScriptRunner the best it can be.

By taking this approach, ScriptRunner for Jira saw some incredible milestones in 2018, hitting over 21,000 downloads on the Atlassian Marketplace across Server, Data Centre and Cloud. However, that’s not all, when it comes to ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud, we were busy launching new features, improvements and bug fixes throughout the year - some that you may have missed!
To get you up to speed, here’s a roundup of everything new that ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud has to offer.

Script Fragments

Have you recently migrated from Jira Server to Jira Cloud and are you missing the option to customise your user interface?
Maybe you’re looking to change the web content displayed on your Jira page, or are you becoming frustrated with the lack of modifications available?
Look no further, as Script Fragments are now fully available for Jira Cloud. This feature allows you to customise the look and feel of your Jira by adding buttons or displaying web content on a page. You can go from linking your online documentation in the navigation bar, to extending your Jira to connect with external tools.

Use Case

Imagine you have just published a blog post and made an announcement on Twitter about it. You would like to see in the ticket how people are engaging with the tweet. With a simple amendment to the user interface, you can include a script fragment that calls the Twitter API for the tweet and displays how many people have interacted with the original tweet, directly in your issue.
screenshot of a twitter feed displaying on a Jira ticket

Jira and Confluence, it’s official!

The relationship between Jira and Confluence provides a strong and cohesive solution for every project or team. With ScriptRunner’s ability to easily interlink the two, and with no logins or authentications required, the bond only strengthens.
For instance, you can create a new project in Jira and, ScriptRunner will automatically create a matching space in Confluence in order to build out the context of a project. Alternatively, you can automate your tasks by creating a page in confluence with a particular label, for example, “bug”, then ScriptRunner will instantly create a matching ticket in Jira, saving you time to focus on the things that matter.

Use Case

You have created an issue in Jira with a number of fields and want to link this to a Confluence page, whereby entering a field auto-populates into this wiki page. You can do this by writing a post function capturing the field values of the Jira issue, then call the REST API of Confluence. Doing this will create the page using the values from Jira captured in your script.

Adaptavist Library

The recent launch of the Adaptavist Library means there’s now a centralised location to hold ready-made scripts and functionality for ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud. There are currently six copy and paste scripts available for Cloud, with more being added on a regular basis.
For example, the ‘calculate the difference between two dates’ script allows you to calculate the number of days between two custom date fields. The searcher on this field can simply be set to ‘None’, and the template can be set to ‘Number’ as the field will just be returning the number of days between the two dates.

Stability and Performance

You asked, we delivered. We are consistently reviewing your feedback and are pleased to announce we have taken it on board by improving the scalability and the performance of ScriptRunner. To further assist with your requests, we have big plans to overhaul the user interface in the near future which will improve the user experience, so watch out for these changes in the coming months.
At Adaptavist we are always looking to improve and expand the functionality of ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud in order to enhance your experience. We hope that these new feature launches and developments will help get the most out of ScriptRunner, and with more updates and advances coming soon, the capabilities of ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud are only going to increase.
Find out more about ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud on our Atlassian Marketplace Listing and start your free 30-day trial, today.
If you’re new to ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud, check out our getting started video below:

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