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What's happening with ScriptRunner?
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8th April, 2015

What's happening with ScriptRunner?

Since we brought ScriptRunner into The Adaptavist Group in 2014, we've been impressed by what it can do. And we're very excited to share what it will do next.
Like a lot of its users, we think ScriptRunner is awesome. Since we brought its creator, Jamie Echlin, into the Adaptavist family in December 2014 we've only become more impressed with what it can do. And we're very excited for what it can do next.

Taking ScriptRunner even further

At Adaptavist we've been using ScriptRunner in our client engagements for years. It's long been an essential tool for adapting JIRA to complex and changing requirements.
Having Jamie on the team has given us all a chance to discuss how ScriptRunner could and should be used and to look at ways of making it a fully-supported, Enterprise-grade tool. Jamie is now part of the Adaptavist product development team, leading the technical development of ScriptRunner's new features and versions.
There are now more than 10,000 active installations of ScriptRunner. We know that the majority of ScriptRunner's users are happy with it exactly as it is today. Community-based support through the Atlassian Answers discussion forum meets their needs and Jamie's documentation tells them everything they need to know to get up and running and creating their own scripts.
Others, including some of our existing clients, are keen to see ScriptRunner supported in a more Enterprise-grade way and are interested in extending the ScriptRunner model to other areas of their application lifecycle tools. If you're looking for training and professional services to support your organisation's use of ScriptRunner stay tuned for future announcements.
ScriptRunner for JIRA is now part of the Adaptavist portfolio on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Try ScriptRunner now

If you're not already using ScriptRunner for JIRA, download it now and try it for free.
We hope you like the new developments and continue to enjoy using ScriptRunner for JIRA. We always love to hear from users, so please contact us if you'd like give feedback or ask a question.