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Shared understanding in seconds: shareable search filters in Jira
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A photo of Jess Thompson, Brand, Content and Communications Team Lead for ScriptRunner
Jess Thompson
10th January, 2022
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Shared understanding in seconds: shareable search filters in Jira

Shareable advanced JQL filters have arrived in ScriptRunner for Jira and Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud. Get shared, global understanding in seconds.
Shared goals can be tricky to achieve if the people involved don’t also have shared understanding, right? Teams can end up pulling in different directions without realising why. 
When working in Jira cloud, search filters are a great way to get a clearer view of the work that’s in flight. If you have ScriptRunner for Jira, or Enhanced Search for Jira, you can use advanced search parameters to be as specific as you like with your definitions and to show only what matters for the query at hand. But once you have that clear view, how do you communicate it across tens, hundreds, or even thousands of colleagues?
We’re delighted to announce that you can now share your saved Enhanced Search JQL filters with other Jira users. In just a few button clicks, you’ll know that your teams have the exact same information, wherever they are in the world. Let’s dig into it.

Shareable advanced JQL filters have arrived

From a day-to-day perspective, this new feature enhancement allows all Jira users to quickly access the same view of the work in Jira as their colleagues. Instant shared understanding.
From a management or reporting point of view, tallying up tickets which meet certain criteria becomes faster and more consistent than ever. You can save and share your key filters, taking the pain out of things like monthly or weekly reporting tasks. You’ll be able to spot clear progress and problem areas, as a team.
"It’s always fun for us as developers when we get to build something which is so universally relevant like this. We immediately benefit from it in our daily work and share in the same joy that we hope our users will feel."
Romy Greenfield, Adaptavist, Enhanced Search Tech Lead

How to use new shared Jira search filters

Ready to start sharing a worldview with all of your Jira-based colleagues? Here’s a sneak peek of how you do it!
Enhanced Search shared filters in action
Your Enhanced Search filters can be shared across the entire Project, with certain Groups, or globally (i.e. across the whole Jira instance).

View a step-by-step guide

Filters to save right now

To get you started, here are some of our favourite Enhanced Search filters that you can recreate and save!

Linked Issues

Pull up a readymade list of blockers, blocked tickets, duplicates and more by exploring the Linked Issues Enhanced Search functions. Here’s a great starting query, which will generate a list of “To do” tickets which block other tickets in your project.
1issueFunction in linkedIssuesOf("status = Todo", "blocks")


The advanced options for Comments are hugely flexible, ranging from who commented, to how recently, or filtering by the total number of comments on an issue.
For instance, if you want to see a list of Bug issues that are hotting up? Try this:
1issueType = Bug AND numberOfComments > 10 AND lastCommentedDate > endOfDay(-2d)


Filtering based on Subtasks is pretty straightforward, but it can be a great way to tease out the stuff on your Jira board which looks simpler than it is.
If you have a project which relies on Subtasks to reflect a business process, such as a sales cycle, or an approval cycle, you can use a neat little query like this one to help identify things that are stalling. Perhaps you have a six step process, each represented by a subtask added to the ticket as it progresses.
1issuetype = Approval AND numberOfSubtasks > 4 AND created < startOfDay(-1w)


If attachments are key to the way your organisation runs, a little ScriptRunner enhanced JQL can go a long way. Want to get a list of all the bugs raised without screenshots? Or maybe expense requests submitted without receipts? Save these!

No screenshot

1numberOfAttachments = 0 AND attachmentType = 'jpg', ‘png’

No receipt

1issuetype = Expense AND numberOfAttachments = 0 AND attachmentType in ('pdf', ‘jpg’, ‘png’)


Timelogging organisations, rejoice. Advanced search functions for worklogs are here to make your lives instantly simpler.
Got strict SLAs or retainer-based hours in place? Save this filter to stay ahead of anything that’s about to breach agreements:
1issueType = Design AND timespent > 3h
So there you have it, a new way to get consistent information for both yourself and your teams in seconds.
This advanced search functionality and the ability to share these within Projects, Groups or globally are available within Adaptavist ScriptRunner for Jira cloud, where it sits alongside other powerful Jira automation and customisation features. Alternatively, you can get them within our standalone app: Adaptavist Enhanced Search for Jira.

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