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Never miss important ScriptRunner updates
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Lisa Murray
Lisa Murray
2nd July, 2024

Never miss important ScriptRunner updates

The new-look Product Updates Hub is the easiest and fastest way to find your most crucial ScriptRunner updates.
There are two main reasons to stay on top of the latest news from the tools that you use, right? The not-so-fun (security and vulnerabilities) and the oh-so-fun, like new features and functionality to play with. And it's okay, you can admit that new features are fun to nerd out over, this is a safe space.

Stay on top of ScriptRunner updates

Whenever there's an update for your ScriptRunner software, you probably head on over to the Release Notes to take a peek at what's new and what's changed.
The release notes, though, are very comprehensive, only look backwards, and you're managing more than just ScriptRunner. If you have lots of tools to manage, you really don't have the time to check over every last detail.
With so much information available to you, it can be hard to figure out which update is kind of a big deal.
  • We release a new product feature that will save you time? That's a big deal.
  • We move a button to a more convenient location, but it's not where you usually find it? That's a big deal.
  • We fix a bug that tripped you up last week? A very big deal, sorry about that.
  • We start work on an exciting feature you've been hoping for? You definitely want to know about that.

Introducing the new-look Product Updates Hub

Get the most important updates for ScriptRunner products curated into one newsfeed: the Product Updates Hub. These are the updates you need to know about.
The new-look Product Updates Hub contains the biggest updates for all ScriptRunner, perfect for checking in on the updates that impact on you the most. And for those of you using multiple ScriptRunner products? You're in luck. You can now view all of the updates for all of your products in the same feed.

Create your custom newsfeed

There's also a new filter menu to make navigation super simple, too. Just choose a ScriptRunner product, a hosting type, an update type, or filter by date, to create a custom newsfeed that contains only the information important to you.
A GIF showing the new filter functionality

Wait, what about Release Notes?

When you're looking for that granular detail, you should still head on over to the Release Notes. They're not going anywhere.