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Introducing your new ScriptRunner for Jira Browse Page
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Chirag Harendra
27th February, 2019
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Introducing your new ScriptRunner for Jira Browse Page

Introducing a brand new Browse Page section in ScriptRunner for Jira that lets you administer, automate, customise and extend Jira better than ever before.
Yes, you heard right, we’ve launched a brand new section in ScriptRunner for Jira that lets you administer, automate, customise and extend Jira better than ever before.
So what does this mean for you? We have made it faster for you to find the vast features ScriptRunner has to offer by reorganising them into simple categories. Don’t worry though, there hasn’t been a change to the existing menu, there’s simply an alternative page that highlights just how many features ScriptRunner provides.

The Fantastic Four

When you head to the ScriptRunner Browse page (in Beta) you will see four new options, namely Administer, Automate, Customise, Extend, and an all-new search bar. We will get into why we’ve done this, but before that let's get into the breakdown of each category.


ScriptRunner lets you carry out ad-hoc manual tasks with ease using these available scripts, we have segregated these into categories so you can find exactly what you need easily.
Screenshot of administer page


You can automate certain tasks in Jira that would otherwise require regular manual maintenance. For example, you can set up scheduled jobs that run at a specified time during the day/week/month, such as ‘clean up all tickets that have been completed’ and ScriptRunner will do the hard work for you. Just tell it what to do and when.
Screenshot of automate page


This is where things get very interesting and where we see the most surprising reactions from our users. Using ScriptRunner, you can edit how your Jira issues look and feel, you can change how fields behave and modify forms to react dynamically to user input. For example, say you want to create a form for users to enter information regarding a particular issue, you can preset the field to include text, modify fields so they appear/disappear based on what the user has selected previously, and more.
Screenshot of customise page


What if you want to connect to and communicate with external apps outside of Jira? Look no further, ScriptRunner gives you this functionality out-of-the-box. Or, maybe you want to extend your Jira Query Language (JQL) to identify whether tickets have comments, attachments or links. All of this is easily accessible with our new Browse Page.
screenshot of extend page

Dynamic Search

We have redesigned ScriptRunner’s components so that you can now search for functionality, documentation and scripts in one single place. Say hello to ScriptRunner's new Dynamic Search bar.

But Why?

ScriptRunner has thousands of users and not everyone has the knowledge of Groovy coding or any coding skills at all for that matter.
Speaking to customers, partners and ScriptRunner users alike, we found that whilst ScriptRunner helped solve lots of problems, it isn't always easy to find out exactly what can do. For example, many customers are shocked when they hear that ScriptRunner lets you customise your Jira User Interface (UI) so you can make it look and feel how you want it. Or, that you can connect and communicate with external apps using REST EndPoints (yes, that means you can show off and add a Twitter panel to your Jira issue, we may jest but we've heard so many out-of-the-box use cases from customers, anything is possible).
At Adaptavist we are always looking to improve and expand the usability of ScriptRunner for Jira to give you the best user experience possible. We hope the new Browse Page will help you get the most out of ScriptRunner, and with more features coming soon, the functionality of ScriptRunner for Jira will keep improving.
Find out more about ScriptRunner for Jira on our Atlassian Marketplace Listing and start your free 30-day trial, today.
Compatible with ScriptRunner for Jira Server and Data Center versions 5.4.45 & 5.4.50-rc1 onwards.