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How to customise and simplify Portfolio for Jira with ScriptRunner
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Chirag Harendra
20th November, 2017
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How to customise and simplify Portfolio for Jira with ScriptRunner

Project portfolio management isn't always easy but ScriptRunner for Jira and Portfolio for Jira together can make it seamless and efficient.
Project portfolio management isn't always easy but using ScriptRunner for Jira and Portfolio for Jira together can make this process seamless and efficient.
Portfolio for Jira is a powerful tool that helps product managers to plan, track, and optimise their roadmaps. Portfolio for Jira helps Product Managers align these issues, stories, and epics from the development backlogs to the strategic initiatives and themes of the business at large. The true strength of this effort comes from providing visibility of the status of strategic initiatives, while also making every development team aware of how the work they are doing aligns to the core objectives of the business.
Portfolio Managers need to keep the rest of the business informed of the overall health of the initiatives they are responsible for. Perhaps your CTO won’t log into Portfolio for Jira every day, but they might want to check progress updates on a Confluence page. With ScriptRunner for Jira, you can make this a reality.

Use JQL Functions to keep your business stakeholders informed

With the new JQL Functions for Portfolio for Jira, you can easily customise a dashboard to show the health and progress of work that aligns with a specific project, theme, or initiative. For example, you can aggregate all the feature development that aligns with improving user experience on your website, and track the development work against key milestones.
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Easily create Dashboards in Confluence or Jira using simple JQL queries that help keep your stakeholders informed of the current status of work and allow them to collaborate in their tool of choice.

Unlock the power of "why?" - map development teams to business strategy

Communicating "why we are building this" gives development teams the knowledge they need to make decisions, not just what "something" to build, but how to build that "something" in the best way. If you're building a new feature that is meant to help onboard new users, you might approach the problem in a slightly different way than if you are trying to build a new feature that is designed to help customer scale at very high performance requirements.
If you cannot see how the features you are building actually aligns to the business objectives, you can't make the best possible decisions about how to build it.
Using ScriptRunner for Jira with Portfolio for Jira, you can easily embed the Parent Relationship using our ready-made Script Field, which will allow you to embed the relationship from a given Story, Feature, Epic, etc. to the corresponding business Initiative, Theme, or any other relationship you choose. This keeps your development teams updated on how their work aligns to higher-level business planning, and keeps everyone motivated and aligned.
Simply choose the type of issue, and what relationship you want to show, and save.
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