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Get an unfair integration advantage
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A person holds a power hub in the middle of many connected apps
A photograph of Richard Birks, Senior Product Marketing Manager for ScriptRunner Connect
Rich Birks
22nd January, 2024

Get an unfair integration advantage

Are inflexible integration tools limiting your ability to connect your most important apps? Frustrated by the constraints when crafting intricate integrations?
It's infuriating when technically-skilled people, like you, are deprived of the control over integrating your system landscape that you crave (and deserve!). You can imagine boundless possibilities but can achieve only a fraction of them due to the limitations of your tools.
A lot of integration solutions often:
  • fall short when dealing with intricate logic or unique business requirements
  • have frustratingly rigid workflows that can't adapt to the complex needs of your projects
  • lack support in terms of advanced features and scripting environments for technical users
  • aren't equipped to integrate with cutting-edge technologies
  • create constraints as your project outgrows its initial scope
  • sacrifice performance for simplicity, forcing compromises that impact your project delivery speed and your operating efficiencies
Want to know a secret? You don't have to settle for cookie-cutter solutions that can't keep up with your soaring technical ambitions or your (unavoidably) complex business requirements.
You and your projects deserve a platform as advanced and flexible as your imagination. And it's within reach.
Ready to get an unfair advantage for building your best ever integrations?

Get unparalleled customisation and control with a code-first approach

ScriptRunner Connect is a code-first integration platform that enables technical users to script, collaborate and connect apps within an assisted coding environment to solve complex integration challenges.
Here are some of the ways that this tool gives you unfair advantages over the unlucky ones who are stuck using no-code integration tools...
Customisation and flexibility
With scripting, the power is in your hands. Craft bespoke solutions using a smart code editor that combines syntax highlighting for simple visual cues and intelligent code completion. Based on the Monaco editor that powers VS Code, ScriptRunner Connect uses JavaScript/TypeScript in a coding environment that feels familiar and fast.
An advanced developer experience
Forget the limitations that you've experienced before. ScriptRunner Connect opens the door to a world of possibilities. The assisted coding environment, with technical users in mind, includes:
  • Managed Connectors to handle authentication processes
  • Managed APIs that facilitate working with third-party APIs and reduce the number of lines of code
  • Detailed scripting templates for common use cases to help get you started quickly and easily
  • Ability to share integrations to support collaboration between colleagues and/or clients
Scaling without limits
ScriptRunner Connect opens the door to limitless scalability in two ways:
  • A central hub allows you to seamlessly connect more and more apps as you move from project to project and keep all of your apps in one platform.
  • The pricing model is based on the number of script invocations and connectors, rather than the number of users, which ensures that the cost remains proportional to usage demands. This offers cost-effectiveness from day one, and a cost-efficient and transparent way to scale as your requirements grow.
A tool built for performance
ScriptRunner Connect allows you to optimise for performance through the flexibility and power of scripting. Fine-tune your code for efficiency and productivity gains and ensure your projects run at their peak. Choose a pro-code solution and trust that your code will contribute to the success of your business.
An overview of ScriptRunner Connect as a solution
An overview of ScriptRunner Connect as a solution

Grab your unfair advantage now

Elevate your app integration experience — script your way to success!
Embrace the power of scripting and revolutionise the way you approach app integrations. Your technical prowess deserves a platform that not only keeps up; but propels you forward to success.
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