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childrenOf and parentsOf arrive for Jira Cloud
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A series of Jira tickets are connected in a family tree
photo of Reece Smith, Product Marketing Manager for Enhanced Search
Reece Smith
29th January, 2024

childrenOf and parentsOf arrive for Jira Cloud

If you use ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud or Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud, there are some new additions to the family you'll want to check out.
No one likes searching for stuff, and I don’t mean in a cool kind of ‘on-horseback, pursuing-a-tank, whip-in-hand searching for the holy grail kind of way’, I’m talking about searching for the TV remote you saw literally five seconds ago.
For anyone looking to better understand relationships between their Jira Cloud issues, we’re thrilled to unveil two new additions to Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud that are guaranteed to make your life easier and do away with the Jira equivalent of sticking your hand down the back of the sofa to see what's lurking there: the parentsOf and childrenOf functions. If you've migrated or will be migrating from Jira on-premise to Jira Cloud, lament the absence of these powerful search accelerators no more!

The power of parentsOf

When overseeing multiple projects, initiatives can fall through the cracks if you don't have a way to quickly identify all initiatives associated with a particular engineer, for instance. This is where JQL is your best friend, and let us introduce the first new member of the gang.
With parentsOf, simply input a subquery related to the engineer, and parentsOf will fetch all related parent issues, be they direct parents or distant ancestors. This function is a life-saver for quickly gaining a comprehensive view of your projects, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

parentsOf in action

Let's say you're a product manager wanting to get a snapshot of outstanding work for each feature currently in development.
As a product manager, I want to identify initiatives that have pending bugs or tasks before a release.

issueFunction in parentsOf("project = REL AND status != 'Done'")

Unlocking Hierarchies with childrenOf

On the flip side, childrenOf dives into the details. Need to compile a report on all tasks under a specific Epic? childrenOf does the heavy lifting. Enter a subquery for the Epic, and watch as it retrieves every child issue - from immediate stories to the most granular sub-tasks. It's an essential tool for meticulous project reporting and tracking.

childrenOf in action

Let's say you're a scrum master looking to locate all tasks and stories linked to a specific initiative for the upcoming sprint.
As a scrum master, I want to identify all items that need to be addressed under a particular epic.

issueFunction in childrenOf(PROJ-123)

Give them a whirl today!

These functions are as user-friendly as they are powerful. parentsOf and childrenOf are more than just tools; they're your ticket to a more efficient and seamless Jira experience. By simplifying complex searches, they allow you to focus on what really matters.

Try them out today

Unlock new dimensions of Jira search with parentsOf and childrenOf. Experience firsthand how they can transform your project tracking and reporting.
Available in Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud or the full-featured automation tool ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud.