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Atlassian app creators: get ScriptRunner-compatible custom fields
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Verity Blake
Verity Blake
26th February, 2024
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Atlassian app creators: get ScriptRunner-compatible custom fields

When Atlassian Marketplace Vendors collaborate, great things can happen, and your favourite marketplace apps can now achieve closer integrations than ever.

What is the Vendors API?

It's a new API which makes the custom fields from your favourite Atlassian Marketplace apps compatible with the ScriptRunner for Jira Behaviours feature on Data Center.
This means that, as a Jira user, you can use Behaviours to perform the following actions on custom fields created by participating third-party Jira apps:
  • Set field values
  • Get field values
  • Make fields writable or read-only
  • Monitor fields for changes
  • Automatically update set list values when new options are added
You'll be able to manipulate these fields and incorporate them into your Behaviours setup as though they were standard Jira custom fields.
First to make their custom fields Behaviours-compatible was Checklist for Jira from Okapya. Maxime Lefebvre, Developer at Okapya said "Our experience with implementing the Vendors API was good. The provided information and documentation was enough to develop the implementation. I believe this new feature will considerably improve what customers can do with both our apps installed."
Your favourite vendor not participating yet? Let them know that this API exists and that you'd love to be able to use their custom fields in your automation flows.

Are you a Marketplace Vendor?

Learn more about this new collaboration capability