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An easier coding experience in Jira and Confluence Cloud
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Jessie Wang
Maria Barrios
Maria Barrios
25th March, 2024

An easier coding experience in Jira and Confluence Cloud

There's a new, intelligent editor to save you time, and assist as you build automations to support your business logic in ScriptRunner's Atlassian Cloud products.
Ready to reduce context-switching, and get a step ahead with autocompletions for Groovy and Atlassian's REST API?
Put your hand up if you've spent hours – and we mean hours – on:
  • Context-switching while working with the Atlassian REST API
  • Researching, troubleshooting and rewriting your automations only for them not to work (deep breaths)
  • Searching for functions across your instance in need of an update (and even when you think you've got that last one, you spot another one, and another, and–DEEP BREATHS.)
Uh-huh, we thought so.
Well, would you like some good news?
Your scripting experience is about to get easier with a new intelligent code editor for ScriptRunner for Jira and Confluence Cloud. Inbuilt assistance is on its way so that you can build your automations swiftly and effectively.

Smooth, uninterrupted automation building

What changes can you expect to see?


You can rely on autocompletes for:
  • Groovy: if you don't write Groovy script often or you're not super familiar with it, new autocompletions and suggestions will have you finishing scripts much faster and feeling more confident as you go. If you do write Groovy a lot: you're about to go lightning-fast.
  • Atlassian Rest API: Remember the days when you had to keep up with the latest version of the Atlassian REST API? Consider them gone! The intelligent editor does it for you, so you don’t have to rely on cumbersome documentation or spend time researching the most appropriate API for your task. Instead, you can focus on what matters most.
  • Custom ScriptRunner defined script variables: Define your own script variables in Groovy through custom variables supported by ScriptRunner. You can then access them through the autocomplete function. This lets you go beyond the functions that Groovy and the Atlassian APIs can cover and makes your code experience as customisable as your Jira instance.

A GIF showing the autocomplete function in action

Go To Declaration

Find where functions are declared and cut the time spent hunting through scripts when a function update is needed or if you're troubleshooting.
A GIF showing the go to declaration function in action

Peek Declaration

Take a quick look at your declarations in an embedded peek window so you don't have to move away from your location in the editor.
A GIF showing the peek declaration function in action

Bracket Completion

Reduce errors while writing scripts: all of your brackets will autocomplete with their partner opening or closing bracket.
A GIF showing the bracket completion function in action

Change All Occurrences

Got a variable or definition that needs updating or replacing everywhere it appears in a script? This function accelerates this process.
A GIF showing the change all occurrences function in action

Go To References and Peek References

Find where variables are referenced so you can update or troubleshoot them as needed. Navigate between references and make quick edits right in the embedded editor.
A GIF showing the go to references function in action
"The goal was to empower you by creating a tool that not only accelerates scripting but also enhances the overall coding experience. It's not just a tool; it's like having a coding sidekick that's got your back.
The auto-completions mean no more googling of the Confluence or Jira API! The go-to declaration and bracket completions are also pretty handy. Scripting inside ScriptRunner Cloud is about to become a lot faster and easier.”
Kshama Joglekar, Tech Lead for ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud

Building automations faster with ScriptRunner for Jira and Confluence Cloud

Below you can see the code editor in action, including a demo of the Autocomplete, Go To Declaration, Bracket Completion and Change All Occurrences features.

Looking ahead: A faster way to script your automations

This is only the first step towards the simplification of scripting in ScriptRunner on Cloud. Keep an eye out for more updates about how your scripting experience is set to become faster and more intuitive.

Ready to get more out of ScriptRunner?

Check out these script examples for inspiration for your next automation.