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Migrating ScriptRunner for Bitbucket

This page takes a look at how to migrate ScriptRunner for Bitbucket from Server, plus tips and resources.
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Leaving Server?

If you are moving to Cloud, please note that we do not have a ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Cloud app.
If you are moving to Data Center, continue reading to find out more about ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Data Center.

Feature comparison: Data Center

This one is easy: everything the Server version of the app can do, the Data Center version can too.
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Get your ScriptRunner for Bitbucket Data Center trial

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Migration process: ScriptRunner from Bitbucket Server to Data Center

When it comes to migrating Bitbucket on-premise, there are two main types of migration:
  • Non-clustered: this is as simple as updating your ScriptRunner for Bitbucket license
  • Clustered: this also requires you to move your home directory to a shared location that all nodes can access
Full details of steps involved and potential gotchas to look out for can be found via the following link.

Atlassian Data Center Migration Tool

ScriptRunner for Bitbucket currently has partial support for Atlassian's Data Center Migration Tool.
ScriptRunner for Bitbucket supports the migration of project and repository administrator configurations including Pre Hooks, Post Hooks, Merge Checks, and Listeners.

Migration services

Did you know that Adaptavist (also part of The Adaptavist Group) was named Atlassian Partner of the Year 2020 for Cloud Migration Services?
With a tried-and-tested, best practice approach to Atlassian tool migration, they’ve helped some of the world’s leading organisations move to Atlassian Cloud—guiding them every step of the way.
Let Adaptavist's team of migration experts help with scoping and planning through to delivery of your migration project.
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