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With HAPI for Confluence, scripts can now be up to 70% shorter.

Fly through Confluence automations and customisations faster than ever!

HAPI arrives for Confluence

See HAPI in action! It's a more human way to define your automations and customisations in ScriptRunner. In this video, we will show you how to deactivate users who have been inactive for more than 90 days using a HAPI script.

Create a Confluence page for each subtask of a Jira issue and add a label

By the end of this video, you'll be able to write a HAPI script that creates a Confluence page for each Jira subtask in a specified issue and adds a label to that page.


Unlock productivity by streamlining your Confluence automation workflow with speedier code generation.
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Create without context switching
Seamless, uninterrupted: HAPI frees administrators from context switching. No need to flip between browser tabs referencing APIs and methods. HAPI serves up prompts and autocompletions as you define what you want your script to do.
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Upskill easily on automation & customisation
HAPI empowers you to become an automation hero without the steep learning curve. With HAPI's human-centric language, you no longer need to be a master of Groovy, or of Confluence and Jira APIs, to perfectly recreate your business processes.

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Get more output for less time
Efficient, productive, time-saving: Spend less time scripting and get more output for less time. Fly through your automations and customisations faster than ever. Accelerate your transformation and automation for less time, effort, and brainpower.


To kick things off, upgrade to the latest version of the app.

Customers are excited about scripting with HAPI

It makes lives easier, especially when it comes to inheriting and maintaining scripts.
Very straightforward, I can concentrate on the business logic without concerning myself with API.

I liked how simple the language was. You know just the, set this, set that...
… Yeah, that's very easy with the auto completion.
That's the next level. I think this is what the other Atlassian vendors will be trying to copy, the solution partners, to make it easier for them.


What is HAPI?
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HAPI is a new and quicker way to define your Jira and Confluence automations and customisations.
It's compatible with existing scripts and is built around Jira and Confluence terminology and use cases. It is tightly integrated with the script editor and ScriptRunner features like Behaviours and Listeners.
Use our in-app snippets, our library scripts, as well as our official HAPI user documentation on Jira and Confluence.
You can install HAPI from version 7.11.0 onwards of ScriptRunner for Jira Server/Data Center and version 8.15.0 onwards for Confluence Data Center.
Yes, you will need to upgrade to at least version 7.11.0 of ScriptRunner for Jira Server/Data Center and 8.15.0 for Confluence Data Center.
No. You can keep existing scripts as they are. However, if you wish to make your current scripts shorter and more manageable, then you may want to update them to make use of HAPI.