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Getting Started with ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud

Welcome to ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud, your complete solution to automate, customise and extend Confluence. Discover all the resources you could ever need right here.
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Hello and welcome to ScriptRunner for Confluence!

Hi, I'm Briana, Product Manager for ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud. My team are responsible for continuous innovation and support to help you get the absolute most out of your Confluence.
Whether you want to bulk clean-up content, keep your Confluence organised, or create time-saving automations, you're in the right place. ScriptRunner can do it all. Welcome, we're so glad you're here.
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Have you tried our ‘Choose Label’ built-in macro yet? Allow users to choose from a restricted list of labels to keep your page labels consistent.
Jessie Wang
Senior Product Marketing Manager, ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud

New to ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud?

Learn how to navigate your way round the app in just 15 minutes.

2 steps for success

Now that you know your way around the app, follow our 2 steps below to prepare to build your first script.

Step 1: Get ScriptRunner up and running

Install ScriptRunner and familiarise yourself with the navigation

Congratulations, you’ve installed ScriptRunner for Confluence! Here is how you can navigate to ScriptRunner in Confluence:
• From anywhere within your Confluence space, click on the cog in the top right of the screen to display the General Configuration page.
• When the General Configuration page is displayed, the ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud menu appears in the lefthand navigation.
• Once you select one of the ScriptRunner features, it appears on the screen. The rest of the features appear in a toolbar at the top of the screen.
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Step 2: Browse feature navigation

Use the Browse page to search and discover all the functionality ScriptRunner has to offer.

Save time by typing keywords into the search bar to filter scripts by name or goal, or select categories and filters to discover scripts.
To navigate to the Browse page, select the Cog button, scroll to the ScriptRunner section on the left-hand side of the screen, and select Browse.
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Automate your Confluence tasks with ease
Say goodbye to manual and repetitive tasks. With ScriptRunner, you can set up custom scripts and scheduled automations in no time.
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Increase efficiency and productivity
With ScriptRunner, you can bulk manage content and complete tasks faster, without sacrificing quality.
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Customise your Confluence instance
Every team has unique needs. ScriptRunner allows you to customise your Confluence instance to meet the specific needs of your team with a unique suite of features.
Photo of Kshama Joglekar
If you need to search and replace text across several pages at once, we've written a free script to help you do it in seconds.
Kshama Joglekar
Engineering Team Lead, ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud

Search and replace

Try Kshama's script to search and replace across multiple pages in seconds!

What to try next?

Let's explore our most popular features
Illustration showing a brain and a cog working together
A listener waits (or listens) for an event and then automatically executes an action in response. By default, a listener runs in all spaces, but you can specify which space it applies to and which user the listener runs as.
Learn more about listenersarrow icon
illustration of a wrench and cog
Jobs are used to perform automated tasks on regular intervals. By automating your maintenance tasks, you can keep your instance tidy while freeing up time for other work.
Learn more about jobsarrow icon
illustration of an arrow on a target
Use Script Fragments to customise the User Interface. For example, you can add buttons to the page or display an announcement banner.
Learn more about fragmentsarrow icon
A scripting box icon
Script Console
Using the script console, you can copy and paste or write a custom script to run in Confluence. The script console is useful for testing scripts or performing operations that you only want to do once.
Learn more about script consolearrow icon
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Built-in scripts
We have developed numerous built-in scripts that you can use to automate and customise your Confluence space. With these no-code scripts, the hard work is already done, you just have to fill in any parameters and run the code with the click of a button!
Learn more about built-in scriptsarrow icon
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Macros are widgets that improve both the management and appearance of your pages. Choose from ready-to-use built-in macros, or create your own custom, static macro that offer complete flexibility to your pages and can be used by your users as well.
Learn more about macrosarrow icon

Essential resources

Our users said they couldn't do without these resources when they were getting started with ScriptRunner
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Check out our helpful ScriptRunner documentation with everything you need to know about ScriptRunner for Confluence, including use cases, examples and demonstrations.
Get help with documentationarrow icon
illustration of a book of code
Script Library
A free resource that saves you time! Our script library is packed with ready-made scripts and code snippets for a wide range of functionality ready to copy, paste and tweak.
Browse scriptsarrow icon
illustration of a chatbox
Atlassian Community
If you're stuck, check out the Atlassian Community forums! Someone may already have asked and answered your query, and if not, you can ask the thousands of experienced users for help.
Ask a questionarrow icon

ScriptRunner case studies

Now that you've got to grips with the basics, discover some cool things our customers have done with ScriptRunner with instructions on how you can incorporate them into your own Confluence instance.
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Quarterly product update webinar

Want to stay at the top of your automation game? Join us for our once-per-quarter highlight reel of what's new and what's next at ScriptRunner.
Discover all the latest ScriptRunner news across Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and beyond in one handy session.
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Adaptavist has really amazing support, are open to new feature suggestions and are constantly improving the plugin.
Review from Atlassian Marketplace

Need help?

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