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Apps for Bitbucket

Give your development tools a makeover

Imagine a world with fewer failures, outages, and code vulnerabilities. We provide tools which help to make it as easy as possible for your development teams to follow best practice, as you define it, at each step in the development workflow.
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ScriptRunner apps for Bitbucket

Unlock the full power of Bitbucket with our apps to make it easier for your dev teams do the right thing, every time.

ScriptRunner for Bitbucket

This admin app for Bitbucket gives you superpowers: making complicated process compliance and enforcement of best practices simple, helping you to automate your reporting, to customise the user interface and to better connect your devtools.
Save time with over 40 easy-to-set-up code-free features that address your most common needs and explore the incredible flexibility that scripted features bring.
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Unlock Bitbucket's full potential

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Run scripts once, on a schedule, or in response to an event to automate any action you can think of.
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Build best practice compliance directly into your development workflow, creating security and auditing safeguards.
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Stay on top of what's happening in your DevOps toolchain by pulling data and notifications from other systems

Atlassian Marketplace review

"Indispensable functionality that we rely on every day. If you want to easily create custom hooks and automations in BitBucket, this is a good option. We use it to enforce commit acceptance policy, to add custom tasks to pull requests, and to support a variety of other important software governance requirements."

Case study: ensuring developers follow best practices

GAIN operates in a heavily regulated market where even small slip-ups can have serious consequences. To offset that risk, the development teams’ consolidation effort had to go beyond tooling. In order to minimise risks and facilitate audits, GAIN needed to make sure that all developers followed the same company-wide rules and best practices. Find out how they did that with ScriptRunner for Bitbucket.
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