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ScriptRunner: Is it possible?

Every six weeks, we take your challenges and find out if they're possible. If they are: we'll show you how!
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Your questions, answered
Submit your Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket questions to our team of experts. We'll discuss and demonstrate solutions!
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Sneak peeks and demos
We'll show you what we're working on and what's about to launch: get all ScriptRunner news and resources hot off the press.
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Separate sessions by hosting
Join the Cloud session, the on-premise session, or both: only get solutions that are relevant to you!

"What kind of questions should I ask?"

For questions, we love headscratchers, business process magic and everything automation, customisation and integration for Atlassian tools.
If it's a concept that can be applied more broadly than your own organisation, that's a huge bonus: we want to help as many people as we can with the solutions we're sharing.
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"I'm a beginner, is this for me?"

This event is for anyone who's looking for inspiration around what's possible with ScriptRunner.
Even if a solution that we share is out of your skill set right now, understanding what can be done is valuable for every organisation using ScriptRunner.
We look at a broad range of solutions from beginner to expert, and give each solution an approximate difficulty rating to help you to gauge where you're at.
Don't be discouraged if something seems tricky for where you are on your ScriptRunner journey: we'll grow together and we point to resources to help deepen your knowledge wherever we can.
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"How do I submit a question?"

You'll be sent the form to submit your questions once you have registered for the series: keep an eye on your inbox!
Psst! If your question is going to be answered in an upcoming episode, we'll usually email you to let you know in advance.
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See a write-up of an Is it possible? solution

Kristian Walker created a walkthrough of an answer that he presented during an Is it possible? session, when a user asked how to identify who the bottleneck was in their sprints.
He explains how to approach the task, in steps, complete with all scripts and how to modify them for your needs.
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Pssst! Got a suuuuper-specific question?

Or perhaps something you need a guaranteed response to?
We'd suggest going to our wonderful support team!