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ScriptRunner launches new question and solution webinar
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Jess Thompson
Jess Thompson
12th December, 2022
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ScriptRunner launches new question and solution webinar

Submit your questions about how to automate, customise, or integrate your Atlassian tools in these new question-and-solution series from the ScriptRunner team!
Got a problem that you suspect ScriptRunner can solve? The ScriptRunner team is launching not one but two new question-and-solution webinar series: one dedicated to ScriptRunner for Atlassian Data Center and Server, and another dedicated to ScriptRunner for Atlassian Cloud.
Submit your challenges to our team of product experts, or simply come along to keep your ScriptRunner knowledge sharp!

What's happening?

These sessions are an evolution of our previous Champion Hour webinar series. Champion Hour was born in the spring of 2020, when circumstances drove a session which had previously been face-to-face online instead. Suddenly, customers from across the world could put their challenges in front of the ScriptRunner team: a clear win for our global userbase.
If you never attended a Champion Hour, it was a question-and-solution webinar in which folks submitted the queries that had them scratching their heads, and our panel of experts (the Champions) would come up with a solution and present it in the webinar.
The number of attendees and the number of questions continued to grow, so we’re making some changes to keep up with you: our wonderful, knowledge-thirsty fans and help us tackle more of your challenges together. Keep reading to find out what those changes look like!

A new name to match a new era

We're saying a fond farewell to Champion Hour, and hello to Is it possible? – a name that we think reflects the questions we get most, and that you probably do too. We know you spend your days working hard to make the answer to this question yes as often as you can for your Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket stakeholders. These series are dedicated to helping make that happen.

Separate series for Cloud and on-premise

The first major change is that we’re going to be running two series: one for Cloud questions and another for Data Center/Server questions. We know you’re busy, and we want to make sure that every minute you spend with us is valuable.
If you want to keep up-to-date across all Atlassian hosting, don’t worry: these sessions will be held on different days so you can attend both!

Now every six weeks

The next major change is frequency. We’re going to host a new session every six weeks. That’s right: we love answering your questions and we want to do it more regularly.

Register once

You no longer have to register for each individual session: sign up once and you’ll be automatically invited to each upcoming event, and sent the recording of each episode!

Sign up for the cloud series

Sign up for the on-premise series

Submit your questions at any time

Previously, questions could only be submitted a few weeks in advance of a Champion Hour episode. We’re scrapping that with Is it possible?: you can submit your questions at any time. We’ll comb through the bank of queries for questions that are timely, interesting, universal, and so on. When your question is selected to feature in an upcoming session, you’ll get an email to make sure you don’t miss the answer!

Demos, resources and news hot off the press

We started adding sneaky peek demos of upcoming or freshly launched features to recent events and the hailstorm of emojis let us know that you liked it, so going forwards you’ll get live feature demos from the people who built them, plus pointers and resources hot off the press that you can take back to your day-to-day.
We hope to see you in the first episode!